James Franco’s Gay Poet Biopic Gets Distribution

For a man who’s keen to insist he’s straight, James Franco sure does have a lot of interest in the gays (and I’m not hinting at anything there, as if he was gay Hollywood would probably be insisting he had nothing to do with anything that wasn’t 100% straight). Franco’s played gay in Milk and Howl, and the last two films he directed were both biopics of gay people.

One of those, The Broken Tower, about gay poet Hart Crane, premiered back in June at the LA Film Festival. However, despite Franco writing and starring in the movie, it’s taken a while to find distribution because it’s not about the most commercial subject matter and was shot in black and white. However now THR reports that Focus World, the digital distribution arm of Focus Features, have picked up the US rights to the movie and plan to bring it out in America on January 10th.

A few years ago the movie would probably have found it tough to get much of a cinema release at all, but with digital projection the cost of bringing movies out has dropped, allowing films like The Broken Tower to reach cinemas.

At the moment there’s no news on when it might reach the UK, but a US release should certainly help it get picked up over here.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the other biopic of a gay man Franco’s directed is about Rebel Without A Cause star Sal Mineo. That’s also awaiting distribution.

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