John Turturro & Rob Corddry Circling Michael Bay’s Pain & Gain

It was announced last week that after years trying to get it going, Michael Bay was finally going to shoot Pain & Gain (before heading back to the world of giant robots with the fourth Transformers movie). Now he’s busy casting the movie, with the latest news being that Bay may reteam with Transformers star John Turturro, while Rob Corddry has also signed up for the film.

Pain and Gain is based on a series of articles from the Miami New Times, and sees Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg as two Sun Gym employees who kidnap a business man, torture him, and leave him for dead, only to fail and have the man come back seeking revenge.

The businessman was originally set to be played by Albert Brooks, and it’s said Ed Harris has also been circling the part. However they seem to be off the radar now as Latino Review reports it looks like this the role is going to Turturro. And it sounds like a good fit to us.

Variety meanwhile says that Hot Tub Time Machine star Rob Corddry will portray John Mese, a former bodybuilder who now owns the gym where Mark Wahlberg’s character trains. He unwillingly gets roped into the extortion scheme because of his background as an accountant and notary.

More casting is expected in the next couple of weeks, with Michael Bay shooting soon.

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