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The Lost Colony of Roanoke has been intriguing people for centuries. One of the first attempts to create a permanent European settlement in North America, a group of Brits established a colony in Virginia in 1585. The new governor then headed back to England to get supplies, and when he returned three years later (having been delayed by war) the settlement was abandoned and there was no sign of what had happened to the people.

There have been all sorts of suggestions as to what happened at Roanoke in the 1580s, from the Europeans integrating with the local Indians to the Spanish killing everyone to hardship causing the settlers to try and sail back to England, but sinking on the way. However The Lost Colony has a new idea – they were attacked by wraiths that are trapped between this world and the next, and who want baby Virginia Dare, the first white person known to have been born in the Americas.

I think it’s safe to say that Norse supernatural spectres weren’t really the downfall of Roanoke, and if they were, they probably didn’t look quite so much like dodgy green special effects as they do here. TV Highlander himself, Adrian Paul, is the man in charge of the colony and also has to protect his newborn daughter from the spooky peril that’s out to kill everyone it can.

It’s silly, TV movie level nonsense but The Lost Colony doesn’t take itself too seriously and it’s kind of fun. The special effects are a bit rubbish, but in an odd way they add to the cheesy charm. If you’re looking for a lesson about early American history, then avoid this like the plague, but if you just fancy a silly but kinda fun supernatural b-movie, it fits the bill.

Overall Verdict: Who knew North America’s European settlement was nearly derailed by wraiths! It’s a good job this low rent but cheaply entertaining movie has told us.

Reviewer: Tim Isaac

Overall Rating 5outof10

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