Crush Of The Day: Grimm’s David Giuntoli

While TV’s Grimm has a tendency towards being a bit silly, one major consolation when it’s going a bit too far with it’s monsters and mystery is the dark and handsome presence of David Giuntoli as Det. Nick Burkhardt. However David hasn’t always wanted to be an actor. In fact his degree is in International Business and Finance.

Then in 2003 MTV found him in a bar and signed him up for their reality TV show, Road Rules, and later Real World Road Rule Challenge. However after his brush with reality TV, he decided he did want to be an actor and so moved to LA, soon scoring guest roles in the likes of Nip/Tuck, Veronica Mars, Ghost Whisperer, Privileged, Without a Trace, and Cold Case. He even played a gay soldier having issues with his boyfriend’s family in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy (you can see some pics of him locking lips with a guy below).

However he only really found fame with Grimm. Season 1 of the hit show hits DVD in the UK on Monday (October 22nd), with Season 2 kicking off on the same day on TV, at 9pm on the channel Watch.

Click on the pics below to enlarge some great shots of David, and there are a couple of vids underneath those as well.


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    Mr. Giuntoli has said in a couple of quoted moments, he is straight. He like girls. I believe he has a longtime girlfriend, as well. I think he seems like a very good guy, likable and smart, and deserves credit, and certainly not suspicion, for being brave enough to portray a gay soldier character, without caving in to some overt intent to be seen and known as straight. He shows no desperation to build an bankable image, other than who he is, and that’s refreshing for an actor. THAT is classy, and that is being a friend and ally to the lgbt /gay community, and challenging the demanded expectation to do so. He shows no heterosexist values then, and does not embrace the expectation that so many young male actors are desperate to present today, as their persona, bankable and fame-building. **To fear being perceived as gay is homophobic in itself.** For the record, though i do not know him personally, he’s a very smart, well-educated person, but neither pretentious or desperate to get that fact across to the public either. A gentleman, and not a fame-hungry playboy.. ( a prep school grad, of likely the best high school in St. Louis where I live. Certainly the most difficult to get into, not because of class, but merit and intelligence. I think the average ACT score is 30 or so, the highest out of any high school in Saint Louis, Missouri. ) BTW, it is the ones, like Rock Hudson or a famous living, “John” actor, for example, who were and are overtly bent on crafting an image, to cover up their true nature. If Mr. Giuntoli WAS gay, he’d likely be more assertive/ aggressive in letting the world know that he is not. and hopefully, quality of character and deeds will be appreciated, He probably is even cool with the idea that more than a couple gay guys are salivating over him watching ‘Grimm’ just because of him.

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