Crush Of The Day: Yossi’s Oz Zehavi

The gay-themed film Yossi hits DVD in the UK today (December 9th), and while it concentrates on Ohad Knoller’s 30-something doctor, many eyes will be drawn by his gorgeous love interest, 29-year-old Oz Zehavi. Seeing him in the film was more than enough for us to seek out plenty more sexy pics of the actor and model, which you can see right here.

After serving in the Parachuters squad in the Israeli Defence Forse, Oz Zehavi graduated from leading Israeli performing arts institution, the Sela performing arts studio. He has appeared in major television productions such as the prime time Chaim Acherim mini-series, Nevelot, The Island and more. His role in comedy series Asfur brought Oz into the public eye and his subsequent performances on stage and in film have also been favourably received. As an A-list actor in his home country, Oz is the spokesman of one of the biggest fashion companies in Israel, Renaur, for the last 5 seasons.

Relatively recently he has been at the national theatre of Israel in the play Bofur, based on the acclaimed film Beaufort and has also starred in films Infiltration, The Unfortgettables, Miral and of course, Yossi. In 2012, Oz embarked on his career in Hollywood and starred in the TNT network series Southland and in the NBC network pilot, Midnight Sun. Currently, Oz is developing his own show and navigating between Israel and Los Angeles.

He’s a talented chap, but if you just fancy ogling him, click on the pics below to enlarge.

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