Trailer: Luke Macfarlane Gets An Erection (At least that’s what his short film is called)

Many of us fell a little bit in love with Luke Macfarlane as Matthew Rhys’ on-again, off-again boyfriend Scotty. Now the openly gay actor is back with ‘Erection’, a short film he’s made, about a man who has problems getting it up the night before he leaves town.

A trailer for the short has now emerged, and as you might expect for a film about bedroom issues, there’s plenty of Macfarlane shirtlessness.

However it looks like a pretty dramatic film, with the man not taking his flaccidity very well, as sex may be the only way to save the relationship. The short has been doing the rounds of the festivals, but take a look at the short trailer above.

And although you don’t see it in the promo, there does seem to be a little downstairs action going on in the still from the film below.


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