Morgan (DVD) (US Release)

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Disability isn’t one of film’s favourite subjects (with the notable exception of the likes of Untouchable) and it’s even rarer in gay cinema, partly because until recently LGBT-themed movies were so concerned with the subject of gay identity they didn’t have much room for anything else. While Morgan does indeed deal with issues of identity, it’s more interested in how those issues impact someone dealing with being paralysed than in coming to terms with their sexuality.

Morgan (Leo Minaya) is not long released from rehabilitation after having an accident during a bicycle race that resulted in him being paralysed below the waist. He’s certainly not happy about his new status but finds hope when he meets Dean (Jack Kesy) at the park, and the two begin a tentative flirtation that soon buds into a full-blown relationship. Morgan isn’t sure how to deal with love as a paralysed man, partly because he’s still unsure of his own body and doesn’t even know if he’ll ever be able to get an erection. [Read more…]