Jason Isaacs Finds Fury, Alongside Brad Pitt & Logan Lerman

jason-isaacsFury has been shooting for the last few weeks and we’ve even had the first photo. However that doesn’t mean the cast is complete, as it’s only now that it’s been revealed, via THR, that Jason Isaacs has signed on to star.

The actor will play the the senior member of a five-man tank crew, who come across a desperate Nazi unit towards the end of World War II when they find themselves trapped behind enemy lines. His character is the confident captain and team veteran, who Brad Pitt’s character looks to for advice. Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Peña and Scott Eastwood co-star.

What’s the betting that as he’s only just signed up, Isaac’s character doesn’t make it to the end credits?

David Ayer is directing from his own screenplay.

Jason Isaacs Thinks The Idea Gay Actors Can’t Play Straight Roles Is So ‘Absurd I Can’t Believe It Still Exists’

Jason-IsaacsAlthough more and more actors are feeling confident enough to come out (instead of either waiting until they were dead or coming out when they need to hawk an autobiography after their fame has waned), there are still a lot who are staying firmly in the closet. Just look at Wentworth Miller, who came out a couple of days ago but in 2006 adamantly stated in an interview “I’m not gay”.

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs has touched on the current situation for gay actors, saying that, “I have a lot of gay friends who don’t come out… If you are a romantic lead, there is a perception – I don’t know if it is true or not – that you will no longer be cast as straight people.”

However in this day and age he thinks that idea is ridiculous. “The notion that a gay actor can’t seem like they are in love with a woman on screen is so patently absurd I can’t believe it still exists,” he says.

The Lucius Malfoy actor added, “It is not for me to push my gay friends to come out. I certainly don’t think that anyone should sacrifice their careers, if that’s what they think it would be, to make a political statement. But my friends who have done that feel immensely relieved and walk taller in their shoes. I would never judge anyone.”

The actor touches on a tough catch 22 that gay actors, particularly in the US, face if they want major mainstream lead roles. Irrespective of whether its true of the audience or not, there’s a perception amongst many casting directors and studio executives that an actor’s sexuality both limits who will watch them (i.e., anti-gay people will avoid films starring them), and that people won’t accept them playing straight roles.

As a result of this, many actors feel pressure to stay in the closet, as the general feeling is they could lose out on good roles (and it’s certainly not unheard of for an actor to be struck off the shortlist for a major role after they’ve said they won’t either go into or stay in the closet). There is definitely more room for gay actors to play diverse roles than there used to be, but fears over how its going to limit your career – some real, some not – remain.

Sweetwater Trailer – January Jones gets violent in the old west

January Jones is going to be packing a gun in Sweetwater, swapping the recent past of Mad Men for the wild west as a former prostitute who goes on a violent rampage. Now the first trailer for the movie has arrived, which you can watch above.

Set in the late 1800s, a fanatical religious leader, a renegade Sheriff, and a former prostitute collide in a blood triangle on the rugged plains of the New Mexico Territory. The movie also stars Ed Harris, Jason Isaacs and Eduardo Noriega.

It’ll be in cinemas later this year. [Read more…]

Melissa Leo & More Join Sam Rockwell In A Single Shot

While Sam Rockwell spends most of his time in supporting roles, occassionally he gets to take on a meaty leading role. He’s got just such a part in A Single Shot, which recently started shooting and has now announced a rather rocking supporting cast, with Deadline reporting that William H. Macy, Jeffrey Wright, Joe Anderson, Jason Isaacs, Kelly Reilly, Ophelia Lovibond, and Melissa Leo are all onboard.

Based on Matthew F. Jones’s novel (who also wrote the screeplay), A Single Shot is the story of a dark and deadly game of cat and mouse, prompted by the tragic death of a young girl. Rockwell plays a wild-game poacher who makes a fatal mistake that leaves him with a suitcase full of blood money and hardened killers on his trail. As the hunter becomes the hunted, John Moon is forced to defend his family and fight for his life.

David M. Rosenthal is directing.

Abduction (DVD)

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Will Taylor Lautner be a big star outside the Twilight franchise? Abduction was supposed to be the movie that showed us if he could succeed without turning into a wolf, but to be honest it’s still impossible to tell. That’s not because Taylor does anything wrong, but because Abduction is so busy getting from A to B to C that it doesn’t really give its star time to show off more than he’s quite god at fighting and stunts.

The young actor plays Nathan, who’s happily living his suburban teenage life when he and friend Karen (Lily Collins) come across what appears to be a picture of him on a missing person’s website. Suspecting his parents may have abducted him as a child, Nathan’s life really goes haywire when armed men suddenly invade the family home and kill the people he believed were his mum and dad. [Read more…]