Gay Short Film Showcase: The Naturalist – A man chooses whether to stay gay in this futuristic sci-fi

naturalist-short-filmWhile we’re fortunate to have as many LGBT film festivals as we do, it’s a shame that most of the time gay-themed shorts stay in gay film festivals and find it difficult to get much traction at other types of fest. However The Naturalist caused a few waves when it first emerged in 2012 as it one one of the first gay-themed sci-fi films and its genre straddling allowed it to screen beyond the gay film festival circuit.

Now the high concept short is available online and you can watch it below.

The Naturalist is set in a future where mankind is obsessed with genetic ‘perfection’, something they’ve decided homosexuality doesn’t fit into (by the looks of it, being gay is far too hipster-ish for society at large).

Simon and Oliver are a gay couple living a quiet existence, until their genetic ‘anomaly’ is discovered. Threatened with being relocated away from the ‘perfect’ people, Simon must make a very tough decision – he can be genetically modified to become straight, but that will mean leaving behind the love of his life and changing the person he is at a core level.

It’s an interesting film and thought provoking as it explores the nature of sexuality and whether even if being gay was a choice, whether being straight would be the choice everyone would want. Take a look below.

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Pink Moon Trailer – Into a world where it’s straight people who are ostracised

pink-moonJust over a year ago we posted ago a KickStarter campaign for a short film called Pink Moon. Well that crowdfunding drive was a success and now it’s preparing for its premiere at Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival on April 28, before heading online later this year.

The film imagines a society where the roles gay and straight people have been reversed and ‘heterosexuality is persecuted and procreation is tightly controlled, two teens are forced to hide an unintended pregnancy before their forbidden romance is exposed.’

Brandon Tyler Harris and Adam Jepsen star in the film from director Sal Bardo (who was also behind the excellent Chaser and Sam).

The trailer has now been released, which you can see below. [Read more…]

It Takeis Two: Episode 1 – George & Brad Takei take us into a heightened version of their world

it-takeis-two-ep1Last week we posted a teaser for a brand new web series from the wonderful world of George Takei, which promised that It Takei’s Two would bring us into a heightened reality version of the life of him and his husband, Brad.

Now the first episode has arrived and it’s a lot of fun (and very resonant for anyone who’s active on the web) as Brad discovers there are all sorts of mean memes and images of him online. In his fury he attempts to get them taken down and to stop the web being so nasty. However it takes George to point out you can’t please all the people all the time, and that when it comes to the web someone’s always going to take things the wrong way or take random, unnecessary potshots (or at least what seem like potshots to the person they’re about).

Brad still thinks he can win though and heads to Google’s NYC HQ.

Take a look at episode 1 of It Takeis Two below. [Read more…]

Gay Short Film Showcase: Stop Calling Me Honey Bunny – Same sex relationship issues explored via giant rabbits!

stop-calling-me-honey-bunnyIt turns out it’s not just humans who have same sex relationship issues, it’s rabbits too – or at least six-foot tall Bunny costume rabbits anyway. We loved Stop Calling Me Honey Bunny when we caught the short film at the Iris Prize Festival. Now it’s been released online and as a bonus, if you watch it before April 20th and email the makers with three sex toys seen in the film, one name will be drawn from all the entries and that person will win a $350 gift certificate to Chez Noir to be used online from anywhere worldwide (

Enter by emailing: [email protected]

Here’s what we said about the film at Iris: ‘In a relationship that’s lost its sparkle, two bunnies take steps to reinvigorate their love life. With scenes that will resonate with anyone in a relationship that survived beyond the honeymoon phase, this is a sweet, funny and slightly cock-eyed look at how relationships can change from constant sexy fun into quieter, more intimate affairs.

‘While there’s nothing ground-breaking or particularly revelatory in this portrait of a lesbian relationship, it’s a touching and affectionate look at the frustrations that come with settling into a long-term relationship. Well-shot, and nicely acted, to the extent where the bunny masks actually seem to enhance the emotive acting by the two leads. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe and you’ll almost certainly have been in a similar situation.’

Take a look at the film below and then enter the contest.

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Gay Short Film Showcase: Non-Love-Song – The difficulty of expressing yourself between two young men

non-love-songNon-Love-Song is ‘A short film about two high school best friends on their last day of the summer before heading apart for college.’

One of them obviously has something he wants to say and get off his chest, but isn’t sure how the other person will react. The interesting thing is that it’s possible to read it as one of the guys being genuinely in love with the other but unable to say anything, or alternatively about both of them wanting to say how much they value the other’s friendship but notions of masculinity and how the other person will take that (especially if one of them is gay) make it difficult.

Either way, it’s quite effective. The film screened at more than 45 festival screenings including SXSW, Cinequest, Chicago International Film Festival, and Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival where it was named Best International Short Film.

Take a look at the film below.

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Gay Short Film Showcase: Chance, True Wheel & An Afternoon – Check out the #FiveFilms4Freedom shorts

As we reported last week, on Wednesday the British Council and BFI teamed up for #FiveFilms4Freedom, billed as the world’s first digital, global, LGBT film festival, which showcased five queer-themed short film and made them available for free worldwide through BFI Player.

News of the fest programme reached more than 21 million people worldwide in more than 125 countries, with many tuning in on Wednesday to check out the films.

However if you missed out, don’t worry, as you can watch three of them here, which will be available until the BFI Flare London LGBT Festival ends on March 29th – so you’ve got a couple of days left.

The films are Chance, True Wheel & An Afternoon, and you can watch them below.

  • An Afternoon (En Eftermiddag) Director Søren Green’s new short film is a sensitive exploration of nascent sexuality. Mathias and Frederik are two friends who spend an afternoon together; Mathias has decided that this is the time to tell Frederik that he is in love with him.
  • Chance Jake Graf’s self-funded short film premieres at BFI Flare. It focuses on older gay love and overcoming loneliness as a chance encounter between Trevor and a mysterious stranger equally troubled by his own past, forces both men to start to live again
  • True Wheel Director Nora Mandray’s 2015 documentary focuses on Fender Bender, an inspirational bicycle workshop for queer, transgender and women’s communities in Detroit.

Not Looking Season 2 Trailer – The gay-themed web show is on its way back

not-looking-s2-slideA few weeks ago we posted about the gay-themed web series Not Looking seeking funding via Indiegogo for its second season. Well it reached its target and now that the Season 2 of Looking has ended on TV, it’s gearing up for its Funny Or Die release, and to help prepare us a trailer has been released.

As you can see there’ll be plenty of cameos. Drew Droege, Jason Looney, Justin Martindale and Jeremy Shane are back in the lead roles, while Lance Bass, Jai Rodriguez, Tim McKernan and Mitch Silpa will all return to. Jefferey Self is set to join the cast and there are a several well-known faces due to pop up too!

It’s been promised that the second season ‘is a much more ambitious undertaking and we will need all the help we can get! The story is way bigger and the jokes are way funnier!’

Take a look at the trailer below. As the makers say – It’s not Looking, it’s not Girls, it’s Not Looking.

And if you need to, you can catch up with the first season here. [Read more…]

Gay Short Film Showcase: Flatmates – Is there more than friendship in the love between two male friends?

Flatmates-kompisar-short-filmI’m not sure when the word ‘bromance’ was invented, but we definitely didn’t talk about them as much in 2007 as we do now. That’s doesn’t mean they didn’t exist, as the short film Flatmates (Kompisar) shows.

And as many people still wonder today, it questions whether exceptionally close male friendships may contain something sexual that neither person wants to fully admit.

Here’s the synopsis: ‘Two friends, Björn and Hampus, decide to move in together. If one ignores the fact that the two men are completely different, theirs is a close relationship. Being in love with your best friend and, in spite of this, or because of it, arguing to the point where it becomes unbearable.’

It’s a great film, which does a good job of initially making you wonder whether the building sexual tension is real or whether it’s just there because the viewer wants it to be. However as it continues things do inevitably reach boiling point when the men end up in bed together.

Take a look at the film below.

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Max’s Underpants: Episodes 1&2 – The underwear model teaches us about VPL & aroused straight guys

maxs-underpants-ep2Being a professional underwear model is a bit of an odd job, something the very hunky and popular Max Emerson is well aware of and has decided to leverage for his new web series, Max’s Underpants, where he teaches us all about the oddities and benefits of his barely clothed job.

The first two episodes of Max’s Underpants have now been released and they’re a lot of fun, not just because of the beefcake on display, but also because it’s actually very humourous. Emerson is helped with that by guest stars including a brilliant turn from Willam Belli (who certainly shows us a way of eating bread we’d all enjoy), and the gorgeous Colby Melvin, another gay guy who spends much of his life posing in just his undies.

However here Colby has to do his best straight bro impression, playing a ‘heterosexual’ underwear model who Max suggests must be at least a little bit gay to do what he does for a living (Max makes straight guys modelling undies sound a bit like gay for pay porn to be honest).

IMax’s Underpants is great fun and surprisingly sexy, so take a look at the first two episodes below, with Max promising more on a weekly basis. [Read more…]

Gay Short Film Showcase: You’re Cute For A Black Guy – The short doc shines a light on being black and gay

you're-cute-for-a-black-guyWhile we might not like to think that prejudice exists within the gay community, the fact is that it does, and when it comes to race some of us can be as dumb and ignorant as straight people can – indeed some might suggest moreso, considering the number of ‘No Blacks’, and ‘No Asians’ statements openly included on Grindr profiles.

Filmmaker Cameron Johnson has decided to shine a light on this, highlighting what black gay men have been told by white gay men, which ranges from the bizarre to the stereotypical to the just plain racist.

Johnson told Huffington Post, “I made this piece because I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t crazy. I couldn’t be the only gay black man who white dates have said insane things to, so I ventured to find others who shared my experiences. What I discovered is that my story isn’t uncommon, it’s just untold… I hope that my work will help to broaden the discussions of what it looks like to be a gay man in 2015, and give people insight into worlds they haven’t understood. Also, seriously never say any of these things to black men again.”

Take a look at short documentary below.

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