Where the Bears Are Season 4 Trailer – The furry gay web series returns

where-the-bears-are-s4Official Info: It’s “The Golden Girls” meets “Murder, She Wrote” with big, gay, hairy men (aka “Bears”)! The award-winning web series is BACK and better than ever having launched yet another incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign!

From the creative team of Rick Copp (The Brady Bunch Movie) Joe Dietl (The Thin Pink Line) and Ben Zook (Jack and Jill) comes “Where the Bears Are” a comedy mystery web series that recently won Afterelton.com’s “BEST GAY WEB SERIES” and has accumulated over 14 MILLION VIEWS since premiering in 2012. The show has a world-wide fan base and the creators/stars have been flown to Europe and Australia due to the show’s immense popularity!

Season 4 follows the exploits of four gay bear roommates living together in Los Angeles as they attempt to solve a high profile murder case for a true crime television show while at the same time preparing for the wedding of the century for beloved couple Todd and Nelson. The season consists of 18 episodes with new episodes posted every Monday and Thursday. Season 4 is a romp through L.A.’s trendy neighborhood of Silver Lake, and eventually reaches its climax on board a luxury yacht headed for Catalina Island!

Featuring guest appearances by gay favorites…Missi Pyle (Gone Girl) Tuc Watkins (Desperate Housewives) and Brooke Dillman (Superbad) the series is designed to appeal to both gay and straight audiences alike, and Season 4 will premiere online August 24th, 2015 at http://wherethebearsare.tv

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Gay Short Film Showcase: Precious Moments (Fremragende Timer) – Two gay men deal with the age of consent

precious-momentsThe 2003 Norwegian short film, Precious Moments, is described as ‘A controversial film about the age of consent’, and even 12 years later it still has the power to make you uneasy, as it deals with the age of consent and unlike most films, doesn’t completely condemn the idea of sleeping someone who’s not quite legal.

However that’s not to say its horribly pervy, just that it questions whether a consenting 15-year-old having sex is worth getting angry about if a few months later it would have been perfectly legal. Maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t.

The film, which is based on a true story, won the Teddy Award for Best Gay-Themed Short Film at the Berlin Film Festival.

Here’s the synopsis: ‘”Precious Moments” is based on a 1997 trial, when a man in his thirties was convicted of having sex with a 15 year old boy. In Norway, the age of consent is 16. “The boy had replied to a personal ad the man had submitted in a newspaper, and they met for sex. Voluntarily, of course, for both parties. Another interesting point is that the boy was 15 years and ten months old, or in other words 56 days too young,” says the director, Krutzkoff Jacobsen. ”I’m not saying everything that happened was all that ’precious,’ but I can’t help wondering what the hue and cry is all about.”’

Watch the film below and see whether you agree with it.

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This Town: San Francisco: Episodes 1 & 2 – Looking at life in a gay mecca

this-town-san-franciscoMike Enders has had great success as founder of the website Accidental Bear, but now he’s stepping behind the camera to make a gay-themed web series. In what he’s calling a pilot season, he’s taking us into ‘This Town: San Francisco’.

The first two episodes are now online.

Here’s the synopsis: ‘”This Town: San Francisco” is a new web series written by Mike Enders (Owner of Accidental Bear Website). The series will be based in San Francisco and tackling and having fun with real-time San Francisco issues such as gentrification, drought, rental pricing, and within the LGBT community, body image, race, aging and much more, but most importantly, poking fun at ourselves as a community in order to start conversations and making change.

‘There will be 6 pilot episodes in what Enders is calling the “pilot season.” As a sound track for the episodes we will reach out to the LGBTQ musicians from the community, sharing and promoting from within as much as possible.

‘Enders describes This Town: San Francisco as Looking meets Strangers with Candy. The 6 pilot episodes will be released over the summer! Keep your eyes out!’ [Read more…]

Merce: Episode 1 – A musical comedy web series take on being gay and HIV+

Merce2Musical comedy isn’t necessarily the first genre many people would think of for something about a man living with HIV, but the reality is there’s no good reason why not. Indeed it’s just what the people behind Merce have done.

Now the first episode of this new web series is online and you can watch it below.

Here’s the synopsis: ‘Being single, middle-aged and HIV+ in New York City isn’t always easy, but Merce couldn’t be happier! Hailed as “Seinfield with HIV” by Poz Magazine, Merce follows the adventures of an HIV+ Polyanna who sings and dances his way through life in search of self-acceptance and true love. With his gal-pal roommate, three gay guy fairies that appear to him in musical fantasy sequences, and his Mama (on a webcam) always at his side, he’s gonna make it after all. The series is a surprising, bawdy look at HIV today, proving that life can be positive, even when you’re HIV+.’

Merce was created by openly gay, HIV+ writer/performer Charles Sanchez, who was inspired by the rich lives and bright spirits of people living with HIV today.  He says, “One of my biggest gripes about any HIV movie or TV show is that it’s always tragic, always about 30 years ago when we were in the midst of the crisis. No one is really writing about what it’s like to have HIV today. Merce is a modern HIV story. There is an amazing negative stigma attached to HIV, and it’s outdated. It’s unbelievable how the mention of HIV can still invoke fear in people, and the reality is that it’s no longer the death sentence it was 20 or 30 years ago. It’s considered a manageable, chronic condition, and although it’s still serious, it’s totally possible to live a full, complete, healthy, sexy, fun life while managing HIV. I made the show a comedy because comedy is the best way to show truth, and is a great way to change people’s perceptions. Funny, like music or love, is an international language.”

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Grindr The Musical Parody Trailer – Would you want to see the rest (surprisingly, you might)?

grindr-the-musicalWould you buy a tickets to a musical stage show about Grindr? You might not think so, but after watching this trailer I can imagine there’d be quite a lot of people who’d stump up the cash to see a full-length version.

With its tongue stuck firmly in its cheek, the three-minute video presents us with the story of a young man who comes to the city and thinks the smartphone app will lead to love (and perhaps he’s right, as a new report says around half of its users have found love and/or friendship through the app).

The music is surprisingly good, really going for the Broadway showtune vibe, although with lyrics and subject matter that would make Sondheim blush. Take a look below and be prepared to smile at an idea that’s smarter and funnier than it might initially seem.

(Incidentally, it’s actually a little late, as there’s already a musical called ‘Grind’ about gay hookup apps, which was released last year as a 30-minute short film starring Anthony Rapp. You can watch that here.) [Read more…]

Gay Short Film Showcase: El SMS – Dustin Lance Black directs a film about life as a gay teen

el-smsWhen he’s not making people jealous by dating Tom Daley or campaigning for LGBT right, Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black is still very active in the world of film, and that include teaming up with Coca-Cola to direct the short film, El SMS.

Made as part of that drinks company’s Latin American ‘Crossroads’ campaign, the short is all about a gay teenager and the decision his friend has to make when he discovers that fact.

Although some might rile at the corporate connections it’s actually a rather sweet and charming film that’s worth a look whether it’s linked to fizzy drinks or not. You can watch the film below (although you may need to switch on subtitles).

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Gay Short Film Showcase: Uniquely Nasty – Looking at the U.S. Government’s war on gays

uniquely-nastyWhile LGBT people in America are still on a high from the marriage equality victory at the Supreme Court, Yahoo! Screen has released the 30-minute Uniquely Nasty, which is a stark reminder that for a very long time the US Government had a singularly unpleasant history when it came to the treatment of gay people.

The doc starts out with the fairly recent but also largely forgotten fact that George W. Bush started his presidential campaign with a seemingly progressive stance towards gay rights, before taking a sharp right turn and leading a vehemently anti-gay administration. After that Uniquely Nasty looks back to the past, most particularly the gay witchhunts of the 1950s, where the McCarthyites went after ‘fags’ with as much – if not more – vigour as they did ‘commies’, indeed many seemed to think all gay were communists.

This utterly vociferous animus led to a concerted programme to remove LGBT from all government jobs, with everyone from teachers to congressmen knowing they could be outed and fired if there was even a hint about their sexuality. And at the time, people knowing they were gay could destroy your life more completely than getting fired.

Uniquely Nasty if a timely reminder of the past and what has brought us to the victories of today.

You can watch the full documentary below, which is well worth spending half an hour with, as it manages to be anger-inducing, shocking and at times surprisingly inspiring.

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Gay Short Film Showcase: How Gay Men Used To Speak – A short film in Polari (the ‘gay language’)

how-gay-men-used-to-speakPolari is a rather fascinating part of Britain’s gay past – a dialect that since the 16th Century was used and developed by various underclasses from fairground showmen (some of whom still use a form of it) to prostitutes, and which had its last flowering amongst gay men before virtually dying out in the 1970s.

In its gay incarnation the language was something just for them (although it did famously appear in the popular radio show Round The Horne, although much of the audience didn’t know what they were actually listening to), a mix of rhyming slang and words borrowed from various languages, shot through with normal English. It allowed speakers of Polari to converse about things secretly and helped create a sense of community and bonding amongst the men at a time when being gay was illegal.

It’s actually quite a complex phenomenon and has been studied by many academics who’ve been fascinated by how it brought together everything from theatrical slang and yiddish to Romani and thieves cant, and how over the years it was used and adapted by all sorts of people who wanted a way to talk that was apart from mainstream English. With gay men, the theatrical influence tended to be strong, along with a noticeable element of camp, allowing them to gossip and chat about their sexual exploits in a way that wouldn’t be understood by most people.

It’s a great idea then to make a short film in Polari, which is just what Brian Fairbairn and Karl Eccleston have done, and which you can watch below. You may not understand most of what the guys in the short are saying, but it’s still rather fascinating, especially how something that was so common in gay circles half a century ago has now almost completely disappeared, except for a few words (some of which have gone mainstream) that few know have their roots in the ‘gay language’.

Take a look below and decide for yourself whether Britain’s gay men have lost something with the decline of Polari, or if we’re better off without it.

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Gay Short Film Showcase: Pink Moon – Into a world where gays are in charge & straights ostracised

pink-moonWe’ve been following Pink Moon for a while, including its February 2014 crowdfunding campaign and the release of the trailer a couple of months ago. Well now, rather than keeping the film under wraps only for those who manage to see it at film festivals or screening, the short movie has been released online for us all to see.

The film, about ‘LGBTQ and Reproductive Rights’, is set ‘In a society where heterosexuals are persecuted and abortion is forbidden, two teens are forced to hide an unplanned pregnancy before their secret romance is exposed.’

Director Sal Bardo has a great history of releasing his shorts online for the world to view, as we’ve previously featured the likes of the excellent Chaser and Sam. You can watch Pink Moon below, which may become a feature-length movie in the near future..

On his latest film, Bardo commented to Interview magazine, “There’s an all-out assault on reproductive rights in this country, and the same thing is happening with LGBT rights. Both of those issues are about personal freedom, and they’re fundamentally connected.”

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Gay Short Film Showcase: Brace – The Trans-Themed Short Gets Launched Online

brace-slideAfter touring many of the world’s major film festivals, Jake Graf’s Brace is now available to view online for free, alongside Brothers, a US series following the lives of four Trans men.

Set in some of London’s most iconic gay nightspots, Graf’s stylish and sexy short film manages to tackle head-on some of the issues faced by Trans people in today’s drink- and drug-fuelled club culture in ways that are striking without being preachy.

With scenes of frustration, isolation and emotional vulnerability interwoven among hardcore clubbing scenes that could easily have felt at home in Human Traffic or Twenty-Four Hour Party People, this is a brave, raw and ambitious short that shows Graf to be a confident and competent filmmaker. Definitely worth a watch.

Tweet your thoughts after watching the film with #TransTakeover. You can also follow Jake on Twitter: @JakeGraf1

Take a look at Brace below. [Read more…]