Gay Short Film Showcase: Bromance – Homoerotic male friendship gets explored through dance

bromance-short-filmIf you put the words ‘modern’ and ‘dance’ together a lot of people immediately roll their eyes. Perhaps this video will change your mind though.

It’s a celebration of the Bromance, with three guys showing the bonds that can grow between men, and doing it through the medium of dance.

You’ll be pleased to hear that they don’t shy away from the homoerotic edge that can come with these friendships, whether it’s acknowledged or not, along with the a strong feeling of how these peoples’ lives are bound together.

It may not be ‘gay’ exactly, but it’s as close as you can’t get without saying ‘no homo’.

You can take a look at Bertil Nilsson’s sexy short film below.

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Gay Short Film Showcase: 100m Freestyle – A man deals with his feelings for his straight best friend

100m-freestyle-short-film100m Freestyle is a great little film about a subject many gay men will know well – trying to deal with your feelings for someone you know is almost certainly straight and won’t feel the same way you do.

Here’s the synopsis: ‘Polo and Domingo spend their last days together between Ciudad Mendoza and Cordoba, in Veracruz, Mexico, before Domingo moves to another city. Domingo has to say goodbye to his girlfriend, Mina; while Polo deals with his feelings towards his best friend in the little time they have left.’

You can watch the full film below. It’s sweet and well worth sticking with.

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McTucky Fried High – Episode 3 – A genderqueer peanut isn’t allowed a school photo

mctucky-fried-high-ep3We’re loving the web series McTucky Fried High, which takes a smart look at teen issues, sexuality and gender politics, and does it all with animated food. In the first episode a football playing box of french fries came out, while in the second an eggplant is bullied because of her weight.

Now the third episode has been released, which ‘tackles gender identity and expression when Peanut, a genderqueer student, is rejected from taking school photos.’

McTucky Fried High is the brainchild of filmmaker, illustrator and activist, Robert-Carnilius, who was named one of NewCity’s Film 50 and was a 2014 Student Academy Awards Finalist. It is also one of twelve projects funded by the Chicago Digital Media Production Fund from Chicago Filmmakers and the Voqal Fund.

Using comedy and a host of diverse characters, McTucky Fried High tackles subjects absent in mainstream cartoons. While foregrounding LGBTQ characters, it focuses on issues teens face. Across five episodes, the web series explores coming out, extreme diets, being genderqueer, bullying, and sexting. [Read more…]

Gay Short Film Showcase: Grinders – Why are gay people and skateboarders the same?

grinder-short-filmGrinders is ‘a fake trailer that explores the world’s perception of skateboarders. For many people in the “real world”, a skateboard is nothing but a useless wooden toy, something that gets thrown away when you grow up. This film is for the misunderstood people who never threw it away.’

And in the process of showing that, it offers a great analogy to being gay, feeling the need to hide their desires – as well as hang out in toilet cubicles with other guys – so take a look at it below.

The film won the top prize (Best Overall) for Converse and Kingshit Magazine’s “Connect the Dots” 2014 competition, which gives 10 skaters/filmers have 30 days to film a 5 minute creative film, as well as submit 10 photos to Kingshit Magazine. [Read more…]

Gay Short Film Showcase: Coming Home – The film encouraging Chinese parent to accept gay children has gone viral

coming-home-short-filmIn the past few days a short film made by PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) China has viral, which seeks to get parents of gay children to accept their child’s sexuality when they come out. It tells the story of a young man who is shunned by his parents when he comes out, but they eventually comes to acceptance of their child.

THR notes, ‘Coming Home was launched to coincide with China’s Lunar New Year’s holiday this week, when families traditionally gather all over the country in much the same way as they do in the U.S. at Thanksgiving.

‘Homosexuality was decriminalized in China in 1997, and in the early 2000’s it was removed from the list of mental illnesses. But there is a deeply held Chinese belief that children are required to marry and bear offspring to continue the family line, which means homosexuality is still heavily stigmatized. Because of this, the Chinese New Year family gathering can be a harrowing experience for gays and lesbians.’

PFLAG China was established in Guangzhou in 2008 and now runs chapters, support groups, and counselling services across China. The short features mothers of LGBTI children in the credits, who encourage gay people to come out and for families to accept them.

Take a look at the short film below. [Read more…]

Gay Short Film Showcase: Utopies – Two young men fall for one another amidst a decaying utopia

utopies-short-filmSome of the best short films realise that finding great locations that add to the story can really raise the piece above the ordinary. That’s certainly true here, with director Manfred Rott taking his characters to places in Paris that were built decades ago in the hope of creating a better, futuristic utopia, but which are now strange looking hulks, that are often decaying, impractical and have become hives of dystopia – but still retain an essence of hope.

Here’s the synopsis: ‘Two young French men from different social backgrounds spend time together to know each other. They explore the suburbs around Paris and visit vacated utopian architectural projects built in an era when a better future for all was still the goal of society. Inspired, they hope for their own personal utopia where they are free to love each other.’

Utopies screened at numerous LGBT film festivals and won several awards. It’s easy to see why, as the film is oddly lyrical, sweet, and sometimes pretty perceptive, both in its idea about the utopias of the past and the modern world of young gay men ‘hooking up’ (although it is a little too French for its own good sometime).

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Gay Short Film Showcase: Out Of The Closet – Facing the pain of falling for a closet case

out-of-the-closet-short-filmI’m slightly in two minds about the short film Out Of The Closet, as I like it a lot but I’m not sure about how self aware it is.

The film is about a couple facing the breakdown of their relationship, when the one of them who is deep in the closet is unimpressed that his boyfriend has turned up out of the blue, just before his female fiancee is due to turn up.

On the surface the short seems to be strongly on the side of the guy being dumped, but at the same time it shows an awful lot of situations from the couples’ past where the openly gay guy should probably have taken the hint. While I’m not coming out in massive support of closet cases here, it does always seem that in films and TV series about people in the closet, the blame is always placed totally on them, even if the other person knew (or at least should have) what they were getting into and were setting themselves up for a fall.

Out Of The Closet may be aware of that, but it’s difficult to say whether things such as one of the men repeatedly refusing public displays of affection is showing that he’s an asshole, that his partner is deluding himself that things will change, or a bit of both. But hey, perhaps I’m just overthinking it and not enjoying the hot guys, sexiness and drama.

Amara Cash directs the film, which was made for James Franco’s Master Class ‘Sex Scenes’ as part of Playhouse West Studio 4. Damien Diaz and Daniele La Leggia star.

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McTucky Fried High – Episode 2 – Have you checked out the animated LGBTQ web series yet?

mctucky-fried-high-ep2A couple of weeks ago we posted the first episode of the surprisingly funny McTucky Fried High, a brand new animated Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) web series tackling gender identity, coming out, bullying and more!

It’s certainly not a typical show, not least because all of the characters are food items – although they share many of the same problems as human teens, and deal with them in a smart, entertaining fashion.

Now the second episode has arrived, which you can take a look at below. In it, concerned with her weight, Hanna is bullied into giving up part of herself for a valentine’s day secret admirer. Once again it’s a surprisingly clever way to deal with real issues.

New episodes are being released twice a month. [Read more…]

Gay Short Film Showcase: Teens Like Phil – Homophobic bullying pushes one boy to the edge

teens-like-philTeens Like Phil has won several awards and also featured in the gay short film collection Boys On Film X, but now it’s available online and you can watch the moving teen drama below. However be warned it’s not always an easy watch, as it takes a close look at homophobic bullying and gay teen suicide.

Here’s the synopsis: ‘Phil, a shy, insecure teenager growing up in an affluent American suburb, is trapped in the painful throes of adolescence and the internalised struggle in coming to terms with his sexuality. At his elite private school, Phil is bullied by Adam, his former friend and love interest. Adam frequently lashes out against Phil and enjoys humiliating him in the locker room. When Phil can no longer tolerate the situation he takes drastic action to bring it to an end.’

As we said we when reviewed it, ‘It’s clear Teens Like Phil has absolutely the right intentions and in the early stages manages to look with great insight into the issues of being young and gay, not least the complicated emotions of teenagers and the role of authority figures in all this’.

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Gay Short Film Showcase: Tonight It’s Me – A young gay hustler forms an unexpected bond with a trans woman

Caleb-James-Jake-Robbins-in-Tonight-Its-MeTonight It’s Me was one of our favourite films in the recent Boys On Film 12: Confession gay short film collection, but if you need to be convinced that the whole DVD is worth a look, we’ve discovered that the complete Tonight It’s Me short is online and you can watch it below.

The short is about, ‘A hot young hustler who finds himself in uncharted waters when he spends the night with a client who is far from the “Johns” he’s used to servicing.’

In our review we said, ‘It’s an oddly sweet, well-made film that looks at disconnected souls coming together and finding common ground, even if their experience of life is very different. It’s well worth watching, making you consider the different marks that our encounters with other people leave on us.’

Unfortunately we found it a bit too late to help with the crowdfunding for a possible sequel, as a few days ago a Tonight It’s Me: Part II IndieGoGo campaign closed having reached its $3,000 goal. We’re going to have to keep our eyes open as this sequel will only be available on Youtube and is going to be released April 1st 2015, and will let us know what happened to CJ and Ash after the short below.

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