Not Looking Episode 1 – The gay-themed parody web series gets its first proper ep.

Just after Looking debuted on HBO, Funny Or Die released a fun little parody called Not Looking, featuring Drew Droege and friends making gentle fun of the gay-themed show and offering a few salient points at the same time.

Shortly afterwards it was announced they were looking for funding to turn Not Looking into a full web series. Now the first episode is here, offering plenty more to make us smile.

It’s the first of five eps about a group of five gay friends living in Los Angeles, dealing with the vargaries of life – and this time Parker (Jason Looney) drowns his sorrows in pizza while Colby (Justin Martindale) makes an unexpected discovery about his new boyfriend.

Take a look above. [Read more...]

Battlefield Gay Short Film – Looking at what two men really want as they embark on a one-night stand

battlefield-gay-short-filmLast October Aussie director Tim Marshall won the Iris Prize gay short film festival for his film, Gorilla. However that wasn’t he first short that touched on gay issues. At Iris 2012 his film Battlefield was in competition, and now it’s been released online and you can watch it below (potentially NSFW).

In the film: ‘Two young gay men embark on a one night stand. Both with very different understandings of the situation, they struggle to realise the true connection they long for. ‘Battlefield’ is a raw and honest exploration of the way we look for love in our modern world, and how we often wish, and sometimes convince ourselves, we’ve found it.’

It’s a well made and interesting short which screened at various festivals around the world. It focuses on how we try to make things true just because we want them to be, and how doing that can highlight how far apart we can be – even at our most intimate moments.

The prize at Iris is funding and support to make another film, so it will be interesting to see what Marshall does with that. [Read more...]

Caught Short Film – A high school kid finds gay romance in 1948

After playing at various film festivals, the gay-themed short film Caught has now shown up online, and it’s well worth a look. You could easily believe the film was shot decades ago, as almost the entire thing was filmed on Super 8, giving it a real vintage look. (Interestingly an entire digital back-up version was filmed, but in the end only a single shot from that had to be used).

The film is, ‘Set in 1948, Caught is a tuneful memory film of a shy teenager who is tempted by an alluring new student. Shot in Super 8, Caught has played in festivals around the world. Cinematography by Kris White and Music by Kevin McLardy.’

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My Gay Roommate – Season 3, Ep 2: The Bigger Man

A few weeks ago we posted the first episode of Season 3 of My Gay Roommate, and this time around Nick was looking for a new roomie. It seemed his search had come to an end by the end that episode, and now it’s time for the story to move on.

Now Nick has to negotiate the difficulties of living with someone new – especially a straight guy for whom tidiness is not a top priority (and who also has his own big, hairy bear).

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Gay and Lesbian Refugees in South Africa Short Documentary – Finding a better life outside your homeland

With news every few days of African nations considering or imposing draconcian new laws on LGBTQI citizens, it’s certainly not a good time for many gay people on that continent. This short film takes a look at those who’ve sought refuge in South Africa, the only country in that region which has protection for LGBT people written into its constitution.

Here’s the synopsis: ‘Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and inter-sex Africans seek asylum and refuge in South Africa, where the Constitution promises equal rights. Tolerance and acceptance, however, does not come easily. Find out how gay rights activism has helped challenge and overcome xenophobia and homophobia.’

Take a look at the short film above. [Read more...]

Brothers, Sisters, Sons & Daughters Short Film – Bruce Weber documents 17 transgender lives

Barneys New York is trying something a bit differen, with their Spring 2014 campaign, by highlighting transgender lives and models. Although including a few trans people might have been a stunt that would have raised a few headlines, Barneys has gone the whole hog, scouting a range of transgender people and not just getting them to model, but commissioning famed photographer Bruce Weber to make a 36-minute short film for the Brothers, Sisters, Sons & Daughters campaign.

It involves Vanity Fair journalist Patricia Bosworth talking to the 17 models about their lives and their personal experience of transitioning. Some of them are professional models, others not and all have had very different experiences of lives, although shared themes shine through. It’s great to see a bit of marketing that may work as advertising but also tries to educate, inspire and do something good.

The short documentary was unveiled at the Guggenheim Theater, in Manhattan and now it’s been released in its entirety online.

Barneys’ C.E.O. Mark Lee spoke at the unveiling about the thinking behind the campaign, saying, “We’re all conscious in the last couple of years of all the strides that gays and lesbians are making in marriage equality, and it seemed that the ‘T’ in LGBT was getting a little bit left behind.”

Take a look at the documentary above. [Read more...]

The Weigh In Short Film – Boxing gets homoerotic

One minute and 20 seconds is short even for a short film, but The Weigh In nevertheless manages to tell a full story with a beginning, middle and end. It also manages to cram in some shirtless men and plenty of homoerotic imagery.

With news coming almost everyday about gay people and sports – whether it’s the protests over Sochi, or Michael Sam and Casey Stone coming out – it’s also pretty timely. And to be honest I’d be more likely to actually watch sport if this was really likely to happen.

The Perez Bros. directed the short, which you can watch above. [Read more...]

Russia: Gay Men Beaten on Camera Short Documentary – The terrifying situation for LGBT people in Russia

With the Winter Olympics due to kick off in Sochi in a few days time, Human Rights Watch has released a short documentary to coincide with this, which uses shocking footage to show just how bad it is for LGBT people in Russia.

Along with eye-opening interviews with Russian LGBT activists, who give their thoughts on what it’s like on the ground, there are videos gathered from the Internet of neo-Nazi groups who set out to violently attack and/or kidnap gay people. They then film it and then upload the video online. As at least one of these videos proves, many victims believe they are about to be murdered.

While many us have heard about these videos – most of which are shot by groups who’ve become increasingly bold since Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ ban came into force – it truly is shocking to see it. Take a look above. [Read more...]

The Queen Documentary – Watch the hour-long doc about drag in the 1960s

Drag didn’t start with RuPaul. Indeed it has a long and illustrious history going back centuries in various parts of the world. However it started coming into its own in the 1960s, as the documentary, The Queen, shows. The full hour-long doc, which was released in US cinemas in 1968, has now been posted online on Youtube, and which you can watch here.

Here’s a bit of info posted alongside the film ‘The Queen was filmed in NYC in 1967 and released in theaters in 1968. In 1967 it was illegal for men to dress as women. The documentary follows a 1967 Drag pageant judged by Andy Warhol among others. It stars Jack Doroshow aka Flawless Mother Sabrina, Richard Finochio aka Rachel Harlow and Crystal LaBeija.

‘Crystal went on to start The House of LaBeija pageants which was the premise of the 90′s documentary “Paris is Burning.” In 1972 Richard Finochio underwent sex reassignment surgery to become Rachel Harlow, she began dating John B. Kelly, Grace Kelly’s brother. The relationship ended when John’s mother said she would disinherit him if he married Rachel. Rachel opened the Philadelphia night club “Harlow’s” in the 1970′s.

‘The only person to surface since this classic film was made is Jack Doroshow when he was interviewed by James St. James on youtube. International Chrysis (1951-1990) can be seen as a teenage boy rehearsing dance numbers. These are the Queens who opened the doors for RuPaul and RuPaul’s Drag Race of today.’ [Read more...]

Burger Short Film -Take a look at the Iris Prize LGBT-themed Sundance prize winner

The makers of Burger have been celebrating this week, as the movie picked up the Special Jury Award for Direction and Ensemble Acting at the Sundance Film Festival in the short filmmaking categories. It was also a major win for the Iris Prize, as the film came through their programme.

We’re a bit of a fan on Iris at BGPS. It’s the world’s largest LGBT short film festival and takes place in Cardiff, Wales every Autumn. What particularly makes the festival stand out is that the winning short doesn’t just get a pat on the back, but the director gets funding and support to make a new short.

Magnus Mork won the prize in 2010 for his film The Samaritan, with Burger the movie he made with his prize winnings.

Burger follows the late night goings on in a Cardiff burger bar, and it’s currently available to watch on Youtube (or above), but you’ll have to be quick as it’s only available until January 26th.

Iris Prize chair Andrew Pierce comments, “This recognition by the Sundance Film Festival is yet more confirmation that Magnus Mork is a huge talent. This is also wonderful news for the Iris Prize and further highlights our work in supporting LGBT film talent.” [Read more...]