People You Know Season 1 Part 1 – The LGBT-friendly web series goes free, but just for Christmas

people-you-know-pilotBack in June, we posted the Pilot Episode of the web series People you Know, but if you wanted the rest of Season 1, Part 1, you had to pay. However as a bit of a festive gift – and for a very limited time – the other episode now available for free on the series’ webpage during the Christmas holidays. It’s only due to stay free for the next few days, so you’ll need to watch now!

Here’s the synopsis: ‘People You Know tackles the story of having it all in the most iconic, demanding and cutthroat city in the world, New York City. People you Know is a provocative series where the seven deadly sins corrupt a group of thirty-something urbanites, threatening their chance for happiness and love, as they strive to achieve their dreams while surviving the drama. At every turn, these friends get pushed to the limit and run the risk of losing all they hold dear.

Pandora Boxx, an alum of RuPaul’s Drag Race who was named by Entertainment Weekly “as their America’s Next Drag Superstar,” plays Adora Jarr, a twisted bartending version of herself. She has performed around the world first with the sold out Off-Broadway comedy show Lick this Boxx and debuted a new comedy show Missed Connections in New York City in September.

Steve Hayes plays Patrick Carter and is a three-time MAC award winner and veteran of NY stage. He is best remembered for his performances in the films Trick and Big Gay Musical. He also hosts his highly popular web show, Steve Hayes: Tired Old Queen at the Movies. Steve’s character is the master of sexual innuendo and always ready with a scandalous quip. He often acts as the voice of reason, even if he won’t listen to his own advice.’

“Each character has a moment in the season where they must decide if they are on the side of the saints or the sinners. The choices they make have a direct effect on everyone else, which makes it so much fun to watch,” says co-creator Baltimore Russell. “The thing that compels the characters to action is the same thing that might be also holding someone else back from achieving their dreams.”

“We see the characters love and scheme and fall victim to their own insecurities. It’s what really makes the show relatable,” says John Dylan DeLaTorre, co-creator. “Anyone can watch the show and find a character to identify with and then root for them to succeed. It’s that drama and intrigue that sets the show apart from other series.”

The current plan is to resume production of the final 7 episodes of season one in mid 2015.

All six episodes of season one, part one are currently available to view for free here.

Old Dogs & New Tricks Season 3 Episodes 6&7 – The boys are getting ready for a gay old Christmas

old-dog-s3-ep6Early in the new Season of Old Dogs & New Tricks the boys had their own Thanksgiving meal, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s now time for an Old Dogs Christmas with episodes 6 and 7 – ‘Putting the X in X’mas’ and ‘All About Xmas Eve’

Things get potentially embarassing when Ross’ (David Pevsner) happy-ending massage, which was videotaped, is made public and has gone viral. Nathan (Leon Acord) leaps into action, and calls in “PR guru” Dan Karmel (Jeffrey Scott Basham) to handle the crisis.

However on a more Christmassy note, Brad (Curt Bonnem) puts the “ho” in “Ho Ho Ho!” when he tries out being a department store Santa Claus.

After all that Lydia (Amanda Gari) lures Nathan to a Christmas Eve cocktail with her and Andy (Andy Gates).  It’s a fun celebration, until Lydia & Andy leave. Afraid to be alone with his cellphone (and Damian’s number!), Nathan stays behind–and finds himself in the sites of a sexy, opportunistic bartender (Aaron Wimmer).

Is Nathan about to do something he’ll regret? Is Muscles leaving forever? Is Ross giving in to Dan’s advances? Is Brad at the end? All will (hopefully) be revealed when the Season finale premieres next week. [Read more...]

Old Dogs & New Tricks Season 3 Episodes 4&5 – It’s time for Nathan to quit smoking for love

old-dogs-s3-ep5The third season of Old Dogs & New Tricks is going strong, and now it’s time for episodes four and five, which you can take a look at below.

In Episode Four, Brad is looking for a new job and there’s an appearance from guest star Marissa Petro as Ross’ new leading lady, Tanya Dickson. Meanwhile Nathan is getting closer to Jake, which then leads through to Episode Five, where Nathan is desperately trying to give up smoking in order to please his new love.

As always there’s plenty of fun to be had, and if you needs to catch up on the rest of Season 3, you can watch Episode 1 here, and Episodes 2&3 here. [Read more...]

Brothers Episode 5-7 – The great web series about trans men concludes its first season

brothers-s1-ep8Brothers has been breaking new ground with its look at a group of trans men, which unlike most mainstream inclusive entertainment actually has real trans people playing the roles. We previously posted the first four episodes, which you can watch here and here, and now it’s time for the last few episodes of this debut season.

The show is about ‘Jack, a transgender man living in Brooklyn, [who] has recently started sleeping with a cisgender* man after exclusively dating women his entire adult life. His friend Davyn is on the verge of proposing to his longtime girlfriend, Amy. Aiden, the youngest of the group – pre-testosterone and pre-surgery – is aiming to raise money for his top surgery as the date approaches. Max, the eldest, has been on hormones longer than both Jack and Davyn, but hasn’t had the financial resources to obtain his top surgery.

As you’ll notice things end on a bit of a cliffhanger, with the hope being that the makers will be able to secure the funding to make a second season.

Take a look at the season finale episodes below. [Read more...]

Three Episode 2 – Can ‘Mr. Hot Bottom’ add some spice to a long-term gay relationship

three-s1-ep2Last week we posted the first episode of Three, the new gay-themed web series looking at a couple dealing with being in a long-term relationship and wondering whether monogamy is a good idea or not.

Now comes Episode 2, where the boys are on the web are looking into the possibilities of having a threesome. They find the colourfully named ‘Mr. Hot Bottom’, which leads them in unexpected directions as they navigate the tricky world of internet hook-ups – not least wondering what to do if the guy they’re meeting turns out to be a serial killer.

And what happens if you suddenly realise you really don’t want a threesome after all?

Four more episodes are due over the coming weeks, with creator Jeff Swafford hoping to make Season 2 early next year. And if you need to, you can catch up on Episode 1 by clicking here. [Read more...]

Three Episode 1 – New gay-themed web series looks at the issues with long-term monogamy

three-ep1-picA brand new gay-themed web series has arrived, simply titled Three, which has launched its first episode, ‘The Worst Party in the History of the World’, and you can watch it below (along with the trailer for Episode 2).

The show deals with various topics, not least the issues with being in a long-term relationship, and whether monogamy in that situation is either feasible or desirable.

Writer/director Jeff Swafford recently told Huffpo, “I imagine a lot of people in long-term relationships deal with this issue in varying degrees, but it’s not really talked about. I wanted to create a series that reflects some of the challenges I’ve experienced in my own relationship as well as those of a few of my friends.”

There are six episodes in Season 1, which will be released over the next couple of months. The hope is to make a second season in early 2015.

You can find out more about the Nashville-based web series on its web site. [Read more...]

Go-Go Boy Interrupted Gets Some Bloopers

go-go-boy-interrupted-bloopersIf you haven’t haven’t been following the fun web series Go-Go-Boy Interrupted, which just finished its freshman run, you’ve been missing out. If you need to, you can catch up here, and if you need more evidence as to why you ought to, the show’s creator Jimmy Fowlie has released an entertaining blooper reel that you can watch below.

Go-Go Boy Interrupted follows Jimmy’s alter-ego Danny, a go-go boy who has to face some major life changes after he hits 30, gets fired and comes to realise that maybe life isn’t all about partying and one-night stands (not that those don’t have a place in life, of course).

However as the bloopers show, it didn’t always go 100% smoothly while filming the seven part season, but it does look like they had fun. (And it also makes you realise quite how shirtless Jimmy Fowlie was during the show – not that I’m complaining). [Read more...]

Old Dogs & New Tricks Season 3 Episodes 2&3 – Giving thanks for found families

old-dogs-s3-ep3The Old Dogs are back and it’s not coincidence the new season launched just before Thanksgiving, as Episode 3 is set during the holiday. You can watch that below, along with Episode 2, and if you need to catch up, you can watch Episode 1 by clicking here.

In Episode 2, Nathan (Leon Acord) receives a business proposal from arch nemesis Nelson Van Eddy (Bruce L. Hart) that they merge talent agencies.  It seems Nelson needs Nathan as much as Nathan needs cash!  Nathan then discovers a new romantic interest in former model/now multi-millionaire Jake Tyler (Curtis Wayne Brown).

Then it’s time for the holidays in Episode 3. In that the gang gather at Ross’ house for the holiday, Lydia (Amanda Gari) is thrilled to introduce the guys to her new boyfriend (Andy Gates). But despite her happiness and Ross’ recent good news, it seems she’s the only one in a festive mood.

While the guys rave about Nathan’s new beau Jake (Curtis Wayne Brown), Nathan (Acord) can’t stop wondering how Damian is spending the holiday.  Muscles (Jeffrey Patrick Olson) complains that dating Lucas is making him fat. Ross’ (David Pevsner)holiday is ruined when a drunken Neal (Parnell Damone Marcano) crashes.  And then Brad (Curt Bonnem) drops a bombshell:  he’s becoming a gigolo!

Watch them below. [Read more...]

Black Friday: A Gay Love Story Short Film – Thanksgiving gets a little romantic

black-friday-short-filmTomorrow people across the US will be celebrating Thanksgiving and preparing for the most important day of the year – Black Friday – when capitalism gets its own high holy holiday with the biggest shopping day of the year, complete with massive bargain.

With the celebrations in full swing, singer/songwriter Tom Goss and Dennis Hensley have come up with a fun little LGBT short film.

Goss has said that he and Hensley came up with the idea while chatting over coffee and pie about the ridiculousness of relationships and Black Friday consumerism.

The short tells the story of Chad (Hensley) and Claudio (Goss) who meet while waiting in line for Black Friday doorbuster deals.

Take a look below. [Read more...]

Swipe Click Bang Web Series – Whether gay or straight negotiating hook-up culture can be complicated

swipe-click-bangThe web series Swipe Click Bang hit the web a couple of weeks ago, with each episode looking at a different situation involving hookup apps and their inherent complications, including both gay and straight set-ups.

Here’s the show’s synopsis: ‘Swipe Click Bang tells the stories of one-night stands unique to our generation.  With “hookup” apps, casual sex has never been easier.  We thought it was time there was a show about it.  So we made one.

‘Each episode of Swipe Click Bang features new strangers who’ve met up to get it on.  Some encounters are hilarious and awkward, while others are provocative and scary.  They are always worth watching.’

Below we’ve got Episode 2, Hit It And Quit It, where a young man has turned up for his first Grindr hookup, but while the other guy is just wanting sex, the newbie is hoping he can turn it into a date. There’s also Episode 4, #YoungLove, where two incredibly social media savvy young women discuss wanting to tell the world about how they met, even if they doesn’t involve mentioning they hooked up on a smartphone app.

You can head over to the Swipe Click Bang website for the other episodes. [Read more...]