Youthful Daze Web Series Character Gets Enveloped In A Gay Love Triangle

youthful-daze-pretty-little-liarsThings move fast in the world of the web series Youthful Daze, it’s only just over a month ago that one of the lead characters, Drew, came out as gay – and he’s already involved in a love triangle.

As the press release says, ‘Shortly after revealing that protagonist Drew (Bryan James) is gay, award winning hit soap Youthful Daze is now introducing a gay love triangle. Drew and Tommy (Ethan Daniel Corbett) may have just come out of the closet to the students of Westfield Prep, but there is already trouble in paradise. Sexual tension has been brewing between Drew and Oliver (Easton Schirra), and this week they give in to temptation in a parking garage rendezvous. Drew insists he’s with Tommy, but his actions might tell a different story.’

New episodes of Season Two of Youthful Daze are currently being released Sunday nights on Production on Season Three is underway and is set to premiere on August 31st.

Take a look at the love triangle episode below. [Read more...]

Camp Abercorn Web Series Trailer – Highlighting the US Scouts’ ban on gay leaders

camp-abercornA new web series is on the horizon, Camp Abercorn, which has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to fund its planned seven episodes. And to give us a taste we can take a look at the trailer posted below.

The show, created by Jeffrey Simon, includes a look at the issues surrounding the Boy Scouts Of America’s ban on gay leaders. It’s a subject that’s close to home for Simon, as he was an Eagle Scout until he came out when he was 19 and left.

Here’s the synopsis: ‘Camp Abercorn is a dramatic web series about the blunders and the victories—an authentic portrayal of life on camp staff. For ten weeks each summer Camp Abercorn becomes a bustling wonderland of activity for boys, guided by their fearless leaders—the camp staff.

To tell our stories we’ve created the Compass Guides of America, a fictional organization that parallels the Boy Scouts of America, an organization that we regard with the utmost respect and appreciation because we were Scouts, too.’

On its IndieGoGo page, the makers says the mission is: ‘With the BSA’s recent change in membership policy, youth members are no longer excluded based on sexual orientation, but parents and adult volunteers are still discriminated against. This chasm has created a question that needs to be answered.

‘What happens when a gay Scout turns eighteen? You can help us answer this question, and maybe even change the future. While this is a big inspiration for the show, it’s not the only story we’re telling, not by a long shot.’

I should end this by saying that I have a friend who works for the Scouts in the UK, and he’s always keen to point out that while there’s still discrimination in the US Scouts, there are no such issues in Britain, where LGBT Scouts and leaders are more than welcome (apparently they get quite a few calls and letters from people who hear about the situation in the US and assume Scouts is the same all across the world).

Take a look at the Camp Abercorn trailer below and head over to IndieGoGo if you want to help out.

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Mike Buonaiuto’s #Credence Short Film Wants To Challenge LGBT Portrayals In Sci-fi & It Needs Your Help

credence-short-filmFilmmaker Mike Buonaiuto has had huge success with gay-themed viral vids, such as the gay marriage themed Homecoming, as well as #LoveAlwaysWins that challenged the anti-gay policies in Russia, and Invisible Parents, which was made to raise awareness of the inequalities facing gay parents throughout the EU. He’s also shown his interest in sci-fi with things such as the short film, Adam: Next Generation Robotics.

Now he’s hoping to challenge the way gay people are dealt with in sci-fi with the short film #Credence and he’s turned to IndieGoGo to raise the £6,000 he needs to get it made and onto the big screen. The hope is rather than dealing with gay themes allegorically – which sci-fi often does when it touches on LGBT things at all – it will tackle it head on with a story of a gay family dealing with the end of the world as we know it.

You can watch the beautiful looking trailer for the film and a behind-scenes-featurette below.

The film, ‘tells the story of a family torn apart during the last evacuation on earth after violent storms have made survival impossible. Hope has been found in the form of new worlds that support human life, however due to limited rocket capacity and life expectancy only children are permitted to evacuate, and even then – only the rich have ended up getting tickets. Our short film follows 2 fathers’ decision to make the ultimate sacrifice to give up all their possessions to ensure the survival of their daughter, and the entire human race.’

As always, there are plenty of perks for those who help with the funding, so head over to IndieGoGo to find out more. [Read more...]

Barba Rija (Rough Beard) Web Series Trailer – Portguese gay bears are getting their own show

barba-rijas-rough-beard-slideAugust is going to be a good months for lovers of big hairy gay men. As we reported a few days ago, Season 3 of the popular Where The Bears Are is due to start, and now Portugal is getting in on the action with its first gay bear web series, Barba Rija (Rough Beard).

You can watch the trailer for the show below.

Here’s the synopsis: ‘It follows the lives of three gay friends who are bears but have a soft heart. António, Pedro and Ursão (Big Bear) live in Lisbon. They work, go out at night and get in romantic adventures. Pedro ended up with his boyfriend and is the group´s lovebird. António is the most rational of the three and has a secret passion. Finally, Big Bear is the strongest, but also the sweetest, who will be surprised with a change in his life. It might look like a soap opera but it´s comedy at its best. The three are the symbol of fellowship, of various types of masculinity, affections, concerns and expectations that belong to all human beings. André Murraças, the author (writer and director), is a published author who writes also for theatre and tv and was nominated for a Primetime Emmy.

‘It was originally thought as a 13 episodes project for which we managed a good amount on advertising (bars, clubs, brands), but not enough for the whole series. So we decided to take a step back and do one episode through crowdfunding. The crowdfunding was a success, we got even more money than expected and we were able to do 7 episodes of 5 minutes approx.

You can follow the show when it starts in August on its Youtube channel. [Read more...]

Undress Me Short Film – What Happens When 20 Strangers Are Asked To Take Each Others’ Clothes Off?

undress-slideJust over a year ago the short film, First Kiss, went massively viral with its simple premise of asking strangers to get in front of the camera and kiss for the first time. Now a follow up is here, and this time they’re going a little further than kissing, as 20 people who’ve never met before are asked to take each other’s clothes off, all while being filmed.

And as you’d hope, there are both same sex and mixed sex couplings.

There’s a fair amount of embarrassment, fumbling and people being unable to get the other person’s clothing unclasped properly, all before they slip into bed, with some getting closer there than others.

Tatia Pileva directs the film which is actually a promotion for the second season of Masters Of Sex (which does make us wonder if the film is as candid this time around as the first one was).

Take a look below. [Read more...]

Where The Bears Are: Season 3 Trailer – The big, hairy, gay men are coming back for more

where-the-bears-are-s3-poster-slideFans of the more hirsute gentleman rejoice! While there’s a never-ending parade of gay-themed web series fronted by young twinks or almost-hipster 20-somethings, Where The Bears Are has set up its flag as a celebration of the big, hairy, gay man – through the lens of a show that describes itself as ‘The Golden Girls meets Murder She Wrote’.

Season 3 starts on August 11th at but ahead of that comes the trailer, which you can watch below. And if you’re a fan of the show, you’ll be pleased to hear there are 22 new episodes coming this time around!

As always it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun, especially if you prefer your gents with an ample covering of man-fur.

You can watch the trailer below, and just because we’re nice we’ve embedded Seasons 2 as well, so that you can catch up on all the gay-themed hairy bear fun. [Read more...]

Chaser Short Film – A sexy young man gets drawn into the gay BB world

chaser-short-filmSal Bardo has made some really good LGBT short films, such as Sam and Requited, and recently completed a successful Kickstarter for a new short Pink Moon, which could end up as a feature film.

What probably helped the Kickstarter was the success of Chaser, which has been doing the rounds of LGBT film festivals to much acclaim. Indeed it’s been such a success that the 15-minute movie is getting a relatively rare for a short film DVD and VoD release in the US on August 8th.

However to see whether this is something you reckon is worth investing in, Sal Bardo has currently put the entire short of Youtube, which we’ve embedded right here (don’t be surprise if it’s taken down before the actual DVD release, so we’ve included the trailer too).

Here’s the synopsis: ‘Alienated from his conservative Jewish family and community, a young gay schoolteacher seeks solace in New York’s barebacking scene. Challenging and controversial, Chaser is a stunning 15-minute short that created quite a lot of buzz at film festivals all over the world.’

It’s intriguing, sexy, erotic and beautifully made – and personally I can’t quite get over how gorgeous the film’s star, Max Rhyser, is.

Take a look at the short and its trailer below. [Read more...]

Tough Love Web Series – Two broke New York actors live in hope, in the gay-themed show

tough-love-web-seriesWe’re a bit behind with this one, as the gay-themed web series Tough Love has just released the fifth episode of season two, but as each ep is relatively short, it’s easy to catch up with this fun look at life for two 20-somethings ‘from New York’s third-coolest borough’.

Here’s the synopsis: ‘She’s a train wreck lesbian in denial, and he’s her uptight GBF. Take a peek inside the riveting lives of two broke actors living on a hope and a prayer. The struggle is real.’

Creator/writer Steven Bell stars alongside Blaire Wendel.

You can take a look at Season 1 and the first five eps on Season 2 below. It’s well worth a watch and often pretty funny. [Read more...]

Broke Straight Boys TV Trailer – The gay for pay porn site tries a reality TV series

broke-straight-boys-tv-pictureWe’re not quite sure what’s going on with this one, but gay for pay porn site Broke Straight Boys seems to have decided it would be a good plan to make a reality television series, offering a backstage look at these ‘straight’ boys who will do anything for cash.

Here’s the synopsis: ‘A peek at the Broke Straight Boys Reality Show is here! Prepare yourself for one of the most unique series ever made for television. Its polarizing content and its visceral effect on viewers is undeniable. Without apology, this series provides an uncensored look into the lives of people who make porn… and more specifically, straight men who do gay porn and the multi-million dollar company that provides the platform.

‘Though no explicit porn is shown in the series, the mere suggestion of what they do and the insight into their chosen profession makes Broke Straight Boys a true character study, bringing the viewer into a world they may not have known existed and will surely never forget.’

It’s an odd but potentially interesting idea, although I can’t escape the feeling it’s essentially a publicity stunt, taking on the idea that the guys on gay for pay sites aren’t really straight, and often not quite as ‘regular’ as they appear. However the show seems to want to show they’re all into manly, straight things, have suitably masculine arguments (which sound perhaps a little contrived), and there are plenty of women around to show how much they’re into lady bits – even if the guys do get very close to one another in exchange for money.

We’re still not 100% all these guys are as straight as they’re paid to say they are, but if gay for pay is your thing, this could be the series for you! There’s no news on whether the show will actually air on TV or whether it will just be online (where it would essentially just be an advert for the site).

Take a look at the pretty much safe for work trailer below. [Read more...]

People You Know Pilot Episode – Whether you’re gay or straight you can be naughty in the new web series

people-you-know-pilotWhile there are a lot of good gay web series around, the problem for all of them is cash – if you don’t make any, it’s difficult to make more episodes. If you release your series for free on the web, you’re unlikely to make a huge amount of money from the likes of Youtube (unless you get extremely popular). If you charge for episodes, will people stump up the cash to watch?

The new web series People You Know is hoping so, as while you can watch the pilot episode below for free, if you want to see the rest you’ll need to pay for it via Vimeo On Demand. To make the offering a little more enticing than many web series, each episode is 20 to 30 minutes long and sells itself as being the web equivalent of a ‘primetime drama’ – although as you’ll see if you watch the pilot, it’s a little bit naughtier than network TV. Season 1, Part 1 is available for $15.99 (or $2.99 an episode), with the makers hoping to film Season 1, Part 2 this autumn.

Here’s the synopsis: ‘People You Know tackles the story of having it all in the most iconic, demanding and cutthroat city in the world, New York City. People you Know is a provocative series where the seven deadly sins corrupt a group of thirty-something urbanites, threatening their chance for happiness and love, as they strive to achieve their dreams while surviving the drama. At every turn, these friends get pushed to the limit and run the risk of losing all they hold dear. Joining the inner circle of friends are Pandora Boxx, of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Steve Hayes from Trick and Big Gay Musical.’

“This is more than a show about people behaving badly. It’s a story about how we all want to do the right thing, but sometimes our base desires get in the way.” Co-Creator Baltimore Russell says. “Each of these characters make choices that will affect their lives in very dramatic ways.”

“Our hope is that the audience joins us on this ride and that they find a little bit of themselves in the characters.” Co-Creator John Dylan DeLaTorre says. “We created this show to explore what it’s like for a close group of friends to maintain their relationships in the face of some incredible odds, where sometimes your best friend is your worst enemy.”

You can find out more and watch others episodes at [Read more...]