Old Dogs & New Tricks Season 3 Episode 1 – The boys are back for a new season

old-dogs-s3-ep1-slideIn the world of gay-themed web series, reaching Season 3 makes you a genuine veteran, especially if you’re not the type of show that a couple of people can make in their living room. Old Dogs & New Tricks has now reached the Season 3 milestone and released the first episode, which you can watch below, and as an added treat there’s a cameo from Mo Gaffney (Absolutely Fabulous).

Picking up two weeks after the events of ODNT’s mini-movie/Halloween special “WeHo Horror Story,” the comedy continues the stories of four middle-aged, gay best friends living in youth-obsessed West Hollywood. The principal cast of Leon Acord, Curt Bonnem, Jeffrey Patrick Olson & David Pevsner return for another season of fun, friendship and healthy doses of sex. Amanda Gari also returns as audience favorite Lydia Lasker in an expanded role.

“I couldn’t be prouder of the show this season,” comments series creator/writer/star Leon Acord. “The cast and crew really brought their ‘A game’ and the show looks amazing.”

In the premiere, we learn Nathan, devastated by Damian’s departure, has taken to his bed—until the guys arrive to deliver some tough love. Muscles tries to flirt with a gym bunny.  Brad receives bad financial news from his accountant. And Ross meets with his divorce lawyer, played by guest star Gaffney.

In the rest of Season 3 it’s promised there will be a sex-tape scandal, a “chubby chaser,” a gay divorce, a surprising new partnership, a new villainess, a professional comeback for one of the characters and a financial crisis for another, and new love interests all around, as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Seven more episodes are due to be released, coming each Wednesday over the next few weeks. [Read more...]

The Disgustings Short Film – Drew Droege stars in a film about two gay guys who hate everything

the-disgustingsThere’s a stereotype of bitchy gay people who tear everyone around them down just to make themselves feel better and try to get people to ignore their own deficiencies. Unfortunately it’s a stereotype that many of us are well aware is grounded in some truth, usually coming from the more myopic and insecure wing of the gay community (and many more of us on certain occasions).

Now a new short film has arrived which skewers the trash talkers, The Disgustings, starring the wonderful Drew Droege alongside writer/director/star Jordan Firstman.

Talking to Huffpo, Firstman says, “I had been friends with Drew since I moved to L.A. and we’ve been in so many situations where we’ve seen the true definition of garbage people saying and doing horrible things. I think we have a power where we just attract crazy people. So I decided to write about it. And to be honest — sometimes we were the horrible people. Not all the time, but sometimes. So I wrote it as an homage to the crazies and an apology on behalf of the worst parts of my personality.”

You can take a look at the short below. [Read more...]

Controversial Gay Film Cruising Becomes A Kids’ Playset In A Great Spoof Short

Crusing-Electric-slideThe 1980 Al Pacino movie Cruising is one of the most controversial gay-themed films ever made and still has the power to raise many people’s hackles. But now director Brumby Boylston has decided to turn the controversy on its head by creating a Cruising children’s electric playset in a new short film.

Cruising follows Pacino’s cop character as he goes undercover in New York’s gay leather scene in order to catch a serial killer, but finds himself seduced by the hard partying, drugs and erotic atmosphere. Even before it started shooting there were protests in the streets due to the fact it was based on a short story many deemed deeply homophobic. The anger was so great that director William Friedkin agreed to add some text to the beginning of the movie saying that the film was not supposed to reflect all of the gay community.

More recently Cruising became the inspiration for James Franco and Travis Mathews’ unusual queer-themed film, Interior Leather Bar.

Here though it becomes a great toy, complete with a car to go cruising in, strangers to make eye-contact with and it’s educational too, as youngsters will need to know all about the hanky code to play – all shown to us in a pitch-perfect take on 1980s toy marketing. Take a look below.

The short has screened to acclaimed around the world, including at Sundance and the New York Queer Film Festival. [Read more...]

My Gay Roommate – Season 3, Ep 7: Partners In Crime – It’s time for a musical finale

my-gay-roommate-s3-ep7I have to say I suspected that My Gay Roommate would go off the boil with Season 3, mainly as Nick getting a new roommate seemed to be a major change that could have easily ruined things. Instead though it’s been better than it ever has, with plenty of wit, wonderful surreal moments and an often surprisingly smart take on modern gay/straight life.

However now it’s time to bid the show farewell for a while, as the final episode of Season 3 is here.

And it’s time for gay Nick and straight Ed to take stock – with all the madness that’s been going on around them, they haven’t really had time to think about whether living together is working out. But when their S&M ‘monster’ leaves, they have to decide whether they should remain roomies and that if they do, perhaps together they could both reach new heights.

And there’s even time for a musical number!

Take a look at the new episode below, and you can catch up on the rest of Season 3 by clicking here. [Read more...]

Go-Go Boy Interrupted Eps. 2 & 3 – Danny deals with life outside the gay nightclubs

go-go-boy-interrupted-episode-2A few weeks ago we posted the first episode of the fun new web series Go-Go Boy Interrupted, and now we’ve got the next two installments, which follow the adventures of Danny, a 29-year-old go-go boy who suddenly finds himself fired from his job and having to make his way in the world. However gyrating for randy gay club-goers doesn’t necessarily offer a lot of transferable skills.

In Episode 2 Danny is still up to his go-go boy tricks of blacking out and isn’t 100% sure who the man he wakes up in bed with is. That’s followed by ‘It’s Not Confidential’, where his exercise session is interrupted by people letting him know that’s he’s being talked about and not in a nice way.

Jimmy Fowlie’s series is a lot of fun, based on his own life where he danced while pursuing an acting degree. Go-Go Boy Interrupted then became a live sketch show at an LA theater and has now made the transition to Youtube.

If you need to catch up, you can watch episode 1 here, and then view eps. 2 and 3 below. [Read more...]

Out Smart Short Film – What if you had to come out as being intelligent?

Out-Smart-slideThere have been a few short films that have replaced coming out as gay with having to come out as something else (usually as straight), as a way of highlighting how the questions people ask and the issues that it often raises are ridiculous.

Out Smart does a similar thing, with it’s premise seeing a young man having to come out as intelligent. It’s a neatly to make the point that many people’s reactions are absolutely predicated on the idea that being gay is a bad thing (as well as to subtly position those who have a problem with gay people as being intrinsically dumb).

Director Dawn Cobalt comments, ‘When I first came out, it was the scariest thing I ever had to do. And I realized that, as I kept meeting new people, I would forever be coming out. I would also forever be coming out to people from my past who didn’t know me as out. They would wonder, “Why didn’t she just tell me?” So this film is very special to me.

‘I had to make this film to express that experience – and add humor to a very tough confession to make to anyone. Everyone is different in his or her own way and society tries to decide what is normal and what is not. We have all been in a situation where you want to tell people something that is out of the “norm” and hope that they still accept and love you.’

It’s been screened at numerous film festivals and won several awards, as well as being screened at numerous PFLAG meetings across the US. And you can take a look at it below. [Read more...]

Old Dogs & New Tricks Season 3 Trailer – The gay-themed web series is back in November

old-dogs-new-tricks-s3The WeHo escapades of middle-aged gay best buds Nathan, Brad, Ross & Muscles continue beginning Nov. 12, 2014, when popular gay web series Old Dogs & New Tricks returns for its long-awaited third season.

The season premiere picks up one week after the events of the show’s recent Halloween-set “mini-movie” WeHo Horror Story, with Nathan reeling from Damian’s disappearance and Ross preparing for his impending gay divorce. But this year, the show expands its scope:

“We still see the guys’ romantic misadventures,” explains show creator/writer/star Leon Acord. “But this year, we also see more of their successes and mistakes in their professional lives.  We may have fewer sex scenes this year, but the ones we have are more outrageous than ever–including the show’s first bare ass!”

The new season also features guest-star appearances from Rutanya Alda (Mommie Dearest), who plays Nelson Van Eddy’s haughty personal assistant Barbara Fierce in four episodes. Mo Gaffney (Absolutely Fabulous) appears in the season premiere as Ross’ divorce attorney, while Kathryn Leigh Scott (Dark Shadows) plays Muscles’ mom, Lily Anne, in the season finale. Jim J. Bullock (Too Close for Comfort) makes a cameo as Nathan’s latest celebrity-quack therapist.

The entire principal cast returns for the new season. Besides Acord as neurotic talent agent Nathan, the show stars Curt Bonnem as hedonistic Brad, Jeffrey Patrick Olson as wholesome Muscles, David Pevsner as struggling actor Ross & Amanda Gari (in an expanded role) as Nathan’s wise-cracking “girl-Friday” Lydia Lasker.  Bruce L. Hart appears in three episodes as resident villain Nelson, as does Parnell Damone Marcano as Ross’ estranged spouse Neal.

New episodes debut each subsequent Wednesday at www.OldDogsNewTricksTheSeries.com and the show’s YouTube channel (youtube/OldDogsTheSeries).

“I’m very proud of this season,” says Acord, “Our cast and crew all brought their A-game, and it shows. I can honestly say its our best yet. I can’t wait to see what our viewers think!

Take a look at the trailer for the new season below. [Read more...]

Go-Go Boy Interrupted Episode 1 – Getting off the dancefloor in the new gay-themed comedy web series

go-go-boy-interrupted-ep1-slideHere’s one to make anyone over 30 feel pretty prehistoric, although the set-up suggests that as the new web series Go-Go Boy Interrupted continues, gay culture’s youth and hot body obsession may come under the spotlight.

The show follows 29-year-old Danny, whose been a go-go boy for years, living a life of casual drug use and drunken blackouts. However 29 is old for dancing on the stage in a twink-focussed club and after he throws up while on the job, he may have to look for a new career.

The film is loosely based on creator/star Jim Fowlie’s own life. He says on the show’s website, “The concept for Go-Go Boy Interrupted was born from my time as a go-go dancer while I pursued my BFA in Acting from USC (both experiences were major letdowns in terms of “real world skills”). But I was fascinated with the Go-Go scene: the larger than life drag queens to the out of control 19-year-old party boys, there was so much comedy potential.”

The series started as a live sketch show at the Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles, and is now making it online – and keep an eye out for Drew Droege as a great drag queen. The first episode is now available watch it below), with a new ep. due out each Tuesday. [Read more...]

Beautiful By Night – Older drag performers in San Francisco take centre-stage in the short documentary

beautiful-by-night-slideA few years ago a growing squeamishness about camp amongst some gay men was threatening to kill off drag. However thanks to the likes of RuPaul’s Drag Race and performers who take drag seriously and show why it should still have a place in gay culture, it’s now in fairly good health.

James Hosking’s Beautiful By Night is a 30-minute documentary focussing on following three older drag entertainers at Aunt Charlie’s Lounge in San Francisco’s Tenderloin. It’s an intimate look at Olivia Hart, Collette LeGrande, and Donna Personna.

Starting out with how they transform themselves from middle-aged men into lip-syncing divas, it then follows them to Aunt Charlie’s for their evening performance. It’s a great look at people who are still holding to the drag ideas of the past, before the sharp and rather arch performers of today took over. It’s a perhaps more ramshackle style but it has warmth.

Watch the documentary below. [Read more...]

Grind Short Film – Gay hookup apps get their own mini-movie musical starring Anthony Rapp

grind-short-filmBack in January we posted the trailer for Grind, which at the time was looking for crowdfunded completion funding. It succeeded in getting the money it needed and is now available for us all to watch.

It’s certainly an unusual film -  a 35-minute film musical themed around how gay hookups apps have altered how we see the world, and whether we really know who we’re talking to via our smartphones – but it’s a good one. The cast includes Anthony Rapp, who’s probably best known for the stage and film version of Rent (although to many he will always be Tony in Dazed and Confused). Grimm star Claire Coffee also stars, as does the very good looking Pasha Pellosie.

The film has already won several awards and screened at numerous film festivals around the world. However if you haven’t managed to catch it at one of its cinema screenings, you can watch it below. There are moment when it’s a bit over the top, but overall it’s more than worth half an hour of your time. [Read more...]