United Queendom Trailers – Scottish Independence becomes a gay rom-com in a new web series

united-queendom-trailerIn just under three weeks time the people of Scotland go to the polls to decide whether they want to become an independent country. It’s certainly causing a lot of interest in the UK, even if many other countries aren’t entirely sure what all the fuss is about and why Scotland would want to hive off from the the lands to its south.

So what better way to explain it that by recasting the debate as a gay rom-com?

That’s what Bob Denham has done with the four-part web series United Queendom, which follow Damien Hughes’ Scott and Daniel Page’s Adrian, who bicker and talk about whether they should split up and if they do, how they should deal with such vital issues as the profits from Scott’s bath oils business (mirroring the issue of what to do with money from North Sea oil).

Page commented to Pinknews, “Politics should be poked fun at. I think it is actually a way of people engaging, and in a way understand[ing] what is going on.”

Take a look at the trailer and five teasers below, with the four-part series due to start properly soon. [Read more...]

Barrio Boy Trailer – Into Brooklyn with the Iris Prize nominated gay short film

barrio-boy-slideWe’ve already had a look at a couple of the films nominated for this year’s Iris Prize, the world’s largest international gay and lesbian short film prize which takes place in Cardiff, Wales in October.

Now we’ve got another, Barrio Boy, which you can take a brief look at below.

Here’s the synopsis for Dennis Shinner’s short: ‘Haircuts, hip-hop and homo-sex on the down-low… A Latino barber secretly falls in love with a handsome Irish stranger over the course of a haircut during a hot and sweaty summer afternoon in a macho Brooklyn hood.’

You can take a look at list of films that are due to compete in the Iris Prize, as well as the trailers for I Am Syd Stone and The Phallometer by clicking on the links. [Read more...]

Broke Straight Boys TV – Porn Star Paul Canon Reveals Porn Career to Family

paul-canon-broke-straight-boysBack at the end of June we brought you the trailer for Broke Straight Boys TV, a new reality show that promised to take us into the world of the young men you sign up to the porn site, which is unsurprisingly called Broke Straight Boys, where straight guys (although some people doubt they’re as straight as they say) agree to have sex with one another as long as they get paid.

While the trailer made it look like it’d mainly be about the men running around the BSB house, working out and generally being hunky, the first episode it actually something different and a little bit more interesting.

It’s essentially a video diary of porn star Paul Canon who, rather than suggesting the world of porn is just sex and fun, takes us to meet his family, who understandably have mixed feeling about the job he’s taken up. Canon also doesn’t shy away from the fact he once overdosed of drugs. He also says he’s bisexual, which will please those who always thought BSB wasn’t quite a straight as it might have suggest. It’s an unexpectedly frank video, and it’ll be interesting to see whether this is the direction Broke Straight Boys plans to take with their reality show in the future. [Read more...]

My Gay Roommate – Season 3, Ep 6: Coital Logistics – The gay web series has bedroom issues

my-gay-roommate-s3-ep6My Gay Roommate is great fun, with this latest season following Nick (Noam Ash) and his new roomie, Ed. However that’s not all, as the slightly surreal show has also had a cowboy coming out and getting into bed with our plucky hero.

However not everything is perfect with the lovers, as we see in the latest episode, Coital Logistics. And to sort it out they call on insanely hot porn star Levi Michaels.

Noam Ash told Huffpo, “In this episode Nick and the Cowboy are having some incompatibilities in the bedroom. Convinced he has the answers, Ed prepares a lecture on proper intimacy techniques and male coital logistics aided by none other than Levi Michaels himself, who reveals the science behind being a superstar power bottom and bestows his sexy Rounderbum undies on Nick. But things don’t go as planned, and the roommates find themselves tied and gagged as one of the characters gives the boys a final talking to.”

Take a look at the new episode below, and you can catch up on the rest of Season 3 by clicking here. [Read more...]

Where The Bears Are: Season 3, Ep. 3 – A new episode arrives as the gay-themed show celebrates 10 million views

where-the-bears-are-s3-ep3The new season of Where The Bears are is now in full swing with Episode 3 debuting. You can watch below and if you new to catch up on eps. 1 & 2 on Season 3 you can find them here and here.

The latest episode comes as the gay-themed web series passes a big milestone, with the show notching up 10 millions views.

Here’s the season 3 synopsis: ‘From the creative team of Rick Copp (The Golden Girls, The Brady Bunch Movie) Joe Dietl (The Thin Pink Line) and Ben Zook (Jack and Jill) comes “Where the Bears Are” a comedy mystery web series that recently won Afterelton.com’s “BEST GAY WEB SERIES.” The show has a world-wide fan base and the creators/stars have been flown to Europe and Australia due to the show’s immense popularity!

‘Season 3 follows the exploits of three gay bear roommates living together in Los Angeles, as they attempt to solve a string of murders involving young porn studio models. The season consists of 22 seven-minute episodes, with new episodes posted every Monday and Thursday. Season 3 is a romp through L.A.’s trendy neighborhood of Silver Lake, and eventually reaches its climax in the first-class cabin of a jumbo jet!’

New episodes of Season 3 are released every Monday and Thursday and you can watch them along with Seasons 1 & 2 over at http://wherethebearsare.tv. [Read more...]

Steam Room Stories: My Penis’s Name – A new cast member joins the show

Charlie-Merlo-steam-room-stories2While most web series are lucky to make six episodes a year, but Steam Room Stories is a bit of a powerhouse that manages two new eps. a month each and every month. The latest one is as fun as always and also introduces a new cast member, Charlie Merlo, who’s in the steam room chatting about the names guys give their schlong.

Talking about joining the show Charlie comments, “I auditioned for Steam Room Stories with (creator/writer) JC (Calciano) and we just clicked. I read for two parts and had a good feeling. JC called me to welcome me aboard that day.”

As for whether filming it is a nerve-wracking experience, he says, “It’s a bunch of guys in towels. It’d be tough to not be friendly. But I knew we were a team when I came back from make up and Ben (Palacios) let me know I missed a spot… It’s the little things like makeup that bring gym guys together.”

Take a look at the new episode below, and if you want more head over to the Steam Room Stories Youtube channel. [Read more...]

Where The Bears Are: Season 3, Ep. 2 – Bears In The House

where-the-bears-are-s3-ep2Last week Season 3 of Where The Bears Are kicked off with a guest appearance by Drew Droege. Now its time for episode 2, where this seasons mystery starts to kick into high gear.

Here’s the episode’s synopsis, ‘As the Bears settle into their new house, Reggie (Rick Copp) has to break the news to Nelson that he may be starring as the host of a new true crime reality TV show and also finds his first major story to cover when word gets out about the grisly murder of Chunk Studios cover boy Cody Summers.’

Take a look at the ep. below, and check out http://wherethebearsare.tv/ for more episodes over the coming weeks. [Read more...]

Barba Rija (Rough Beard) Episode 1 – Watch the first ep. of the Portuguese gay bear web series

Barba-Rija-slide2A few weeks ago we brought you the trailer for the new Portuguese web series, Barba Rija (Rough Beard), which gives the country’s hairy gay bears a chance to shine.

Now the first full episode has debuted, which you can watch below.

The plan now is that a new episode will be posted each week, with seven in total for the first season.

Here’s the synopsis: ”Barba Rija (Rough Beard) is the first Portuguese gay short + webseries about bears made for the internet. It follows the lives of three gay friends who are bears but have a soft heart. António, Pedro and Ursão (Big Bear) live in Lisbon. They work, go out at night and get in romantic adventures. Pedro ended up with his boyfriend and is the group´s lovebird. António is the most rational of the three and has a secret passion. Finally, Big Bear is the strongest, but also the sweetest, who will be surprised with a change in his life. It might look like a soap opera but it´s comedy at its best. The three are the symbol of fellowship, of various types of masculinity, affections, concerns and expectations that belong to all human beings. André Murraças, the author (writer and director), is a published author who writes also for theatre and tv and was nominated for a Primetime Emmy.’

Take a look at the first episode of Barba Rija below. [Read more...]

I Am Syd Stone Trailer – Take a look at the the Iris Prize nominated gay-themed short film

i-am-syd-stone-poster-slideA couple of days ago we brought you the list of the films that are lining up to compete for this year’s Iris Prize, the world’s largest international gay and lesbian short film prize which takes place in Cardiff, Wales in October.

One of the films in competition is the Canadian short, I Am Syd Stone, so it seemed like a great opportunity to take a look at the film’s trailer. You can watch that below, as well as take a look at the great poster.

Here’s the brief synopsis: ‘A Hollywood heartthrob returns home for his ten-year high school reunion with the intention of rekindling a closeted relationship.’

In his director’s statement on the film’s website, helmer Denis Theriault comments, “In the film, Syd is at a point in his life where he’s achieved all he’s ever dreamed of. At 27 years old he has hit his peak. That’s a dangerous position to be in. How does one react to that? We always set goals and tell ourselves that when they’re achieved, our lives will be better for it. Oftentimes, that’s not the case. We get to that milestone or goal and we’re still left feeling empty. That’s where we find ourselves at the beginning of the film. Syd’s achieved this success, but has no one with whom to share it.

“I’m also incredibly fascinated by the public personas put on by celebrities. They’re never truly themselves other than when they’re alone or with loved ones (I guess, in a sense, we’re all actors).

“Ultimately, this film is a catharsis for me. The person I was, even 5 years ago, would never have believed that he would be tackling a gay subject in film, especially in such a personal way. I now am an out-and-proud man. All of the people I was afraid of telling either know or don’t care enough to ask. All they’re concerned with is if I’m talented, that’s it. As it often happens in life, we make bigger deals of situations than we really need to. But in that moment, it doesn’t matter. We feel like the whole world will come down on us.”

Take a look at the trailer and poster below. [Read more...]

Would Gay Porn Be Better Without All That Sex? One Studio Gives It A Try

bellboyIf there’s one thing that’s annoying about porn, it’s all the sex. Just as you’re getting involved with the complex characters, being impressed by the Oscar-calibre acting, and you’re sat on the edge of your seat wondering whether that plumber really does have a big enough plunger to do the job, they interrupt things with people shagging!

Well, Brititsh gay porn studio Eurocreme seems to agree, as while tradition dictates they release versions of their movies filled with hardcore sex, they’ve also decided to chop out all that penile nonsense and release them as short films on Youtube. And because it’s Youtube, we’re talking pretty tame on the sexual front.

It’s a seemingly odd idea, especially as it essentially chops an 80 minute film down to 20 and removes everything that you’d normally think people watch porn for. However Eurocreme’s hope is that by bringing in mainstream director Blacky Mendez for many of the latest films in their Dreamboy range, they’ll be able to make a different, higher-calibre kind of movie.

While not 100% successful, it’s nice to see that genuine effort has been put in to telling stories with a beginning, middle and end, with some sort of emotional throughline to go in amongst the sex (and to be honest, they’re better than quite a few of the mainstream gay-themed short films produced each year). Bellboy in particular works surprisingly well as a short film in its own right, telling the story of a young man feeling disillusioned with gay life after his boyfriend cheats on him.

Yes, they have to contrive reasons for people to start having sex every five minutes (and on Youtube it really is just the very beginning), but there’s genuine character development and a real interest in exploring the temptations and frustrations of modern gay life. And there certainly aren’t many porn movies where the central theme is someone’s desire for fidelity.

Even so, you’ve got to think that if you had the full version, a lot of people would just fast-forward through everything that’s included in the Youtube editions.

You can take a look at three of the films below – Cottageboy, Bellboy and Choirboy (in case you hadn’t guessed, most Dreamboy movies end with the word ‘boy’) – in their pretty much sex-free form and you can see what you think of hardcore porn movies turned into penis-free, gay-themed short films. [Read more...]