Gay Short Film Showcase: We Are Animals – An alternate history takes us into a police state panic over HIV

we-are-animals-short-filmUntil recently when watching the gay-themed short film We Are Animals, it would be easy to say, ‘well, that would never happen’, but considering the panic and virtual house arrest imposed on those potentially exposed to Ebola recently, it’s perhaps not as extreme as it might initially seem.

The short takes us into an alternate version of the mid-1980s, where panic over HIV and AIDS has caused chaos and an authoritarian regime to be imposed, where gay and HIV+ positive people are being quarantined, locked up and forcibly castrated. However one young man has to face his own truth after becoming involved in a breakout.

The short gave its name to last year’s gay short film collection, Boys On Film 11: We Are Animals, and at the time we said, ‘We Are Animals is an angry, intense, intriguing and pretty dark film. It’s also very challenging, leaving you to wonder if either side of the argument is completely right or completely wrong, or if intolerance and rhetoric has pushed both sides far further than ought to be justified. It’s a poem to the resolutely queer who will not pass in ways that heteros deem acceptable. However it doesn’t give them a free pass, asking the audience to question what’s going on.’

You can watch the full 13-minute film below. If you know a short film we ought to be posting, tell us by getting in touch via our contact page. And check out more gay short films and web series here. [Read more...]

BoysTown Webseries Episode 1 – The gay-themed TV show heads online for us all to see

boystown-episode1Getting gay-themed entertainment to the public can be a difficult thing and results in some odd idiosyncracies. For example, viewers of OUTtv in Canada, Belgium, The Netherlands & Sweden have been able to enjoy the show BoysTown on television.

However, despite that fact it’s made in the US it’s never aired there, and likewise us Brits are severely lacking in any gay focussed TV networks – despite there being a satellite channel for pretty much everything else – so we haven’t seen it either.

It’s great then that the maker of the show, Reidling Entertainment, has decided to turn it into a web series so that everyone around the world can take a look. While based on the show that aired on TV, it’s been re-edited to give a ‘different twist’, with each episode providing a different outlook on the series and may include unreleased footage.

Creator Ricky Ricky Reidling describes BoysTown as ‘a cross between a gay Desperate Housewives and Sex & the City about 8 men living there lives in Los Angeles where they are always getting themselves into situations that they have a hard time getting out of’. Hunter Ackerman, Jesse Seann Atkinson, Eric Dean, Albertossy Espinoza, Chace Farguson, Jim Patneaude, Ricky Reidling & Peter Welkin star.

The first episode of the web version of the show has now been released, with more coming each Friday over the coming weeks. Take a look at Ep. 1 below. [Read more...]

Old Dogs & New Tricks Launches Crowfunding Campaign For Fourth & Final Season

old-dogs-crowdfunding-4th-seasonAll good things must come to an end, and it seems that’s true for the popular gay-themed web series Old Dogs & New Tricks. It’s currently planning it’s fourth season, but has also announced that it will be the last.

However there’s a hurdle to overcome before we get to see what happens to the boys in this final season, as it need to get some funding together and so has turned to IndieGogo. While it’s got a modest initial target of $5,000, that will just pay for a mini-movie conclusion, but if it can get up to the $15,000-25,000 mark, we’ll get a full eight to 10 episode season.

“What would ODNT be like without YOU?” show creator/writer & star Leon Acord muses on how bad his show would be without the financial support of his audience, in the campaign’s first funding video. He then shows us, with a short fourth-season spoof episode with bad camerawork, worse lighting, lousy sound, and Acord playing all four dogs. (Look for a favorite special guest star in a cameo!). You can watch that vid below.

“You have to clock web shows’ lives in dog years,” jokes Acord. “In web series, three years is a long-running show. To make it to a fourth season puts us in rarified territory. Very few shows do. Its like the online equivalent to Gunsmoke or the original Dallas!  So if we’re lucky enough to make it that far, I think we need to be grateful and say goodnight.”

ODNT covers the comedic romantic & professional melodramas of four middle-aged gay best friends in youth-obsessed West Hollywood. It stars Acord, Curt Bonnem, Jeffrey Patrick Olson, David Pevsner with Amanda Gari and frequent special guest star Bruce L. Hart as villainous “Nelson Van Eddy.”

The Season 3 finale left many questions hanging:  Has Nathan given up on love?  Is Muscles coming back from Ohio? Will Brad get the gig? Who will Ross choose–that is, if he survives his heart attack?

If you want to see more, head over to IndieGoGo. The final episode(s) should arrive in 2016, and you can take a look at Season 3 here. [Read more...]

Gay Short Film Showcase: The Tanti Man – Memories of a sexy gay summer in the 70s

tanti-manThe Tanti Man was made a few years ago but looks much, much older thanks to its 70s/80s setting and being shot on 16mm film. Rather than telling a finite story it’s more of a montage of images and reminiscences of filmmaker Bobby Abate’s youth, from memories of a seaside town to when things got sexy with another young man.

It’s strange and yet oddly hypnotic – oh, and it’s also rather NSFW as the footage includes some rather rude pics, so make sure the boss isn’t watching over your shoulder if you view it.

Here’s the synopsis: ‘A summer memoir of my love affair with Salisbury Beach and a strange and charming drifter. When I lived in Boston, I was obsessed with a beach town on the north shore of Massachusetts complete neon pizza shacks, a run-down amusement park, pin ball machines, and a roller skating rink collapsed into the ocean. Populated by colorful weirdos and misfits, I felt more at home here then I did in Boston — it was a place for those who somehow felt protected amongst the crumbling facades and faded memories. At the time, I felt most comfortable in tenuous spaces and in fleeting encounters with unavailable men. THE TANTI MAN is highlighted by melodramatic, self-destructive journal entries from my teenage years that kept me fumbling though uncertain places and relationships for too long. (Camera: Bobby Abate & Tracey McGuirl and featuring Chad Cooper)’

And if you’re wondering what a Tanti Man is, it’s derived from French Creole/Caribbean term for an effeminate man and/or homosexual.

Take a look at the film below. If you know a short film we ought to be posting, tell us by getting in touch via our contact page. And check out more gay short films and web series here. [Read more...]

McTucky Fried High Episode 1 – Take a look at the fun LGBTQ-focused teen animated series

McTucky Fried High Ep1There are quite a few LGBT-themed web series out there, but not many of them are animated. Now one has arrived, McTucky Fried High, from filmmaker, illustrator and activist, Robert-Carnilius, who was named one of NewCity’s Film 50 and was a 2014 Student Academy Awards Finalist. It is also one of twelve projects funded by the Chicago Digital Media Production Fund from Chicago Filmmakers and the Voqal Fund.

Using comedy and a host of diverse characters, McTucky Fried High tackles subjects absent in mainstream cartoons. While foregrounding LGBTQ characters, it focuses on issues teens face. Across five episodes, the web series will explore coming out, extreme diets, being genderqueer, bullying, and sexting.

In the first episode, ‘When a popular McTucky Fried High football player comes out as gay, everyone wants a piece of him as they processes what it means to have an openly gay student.’ And to make it a little more unusual, the out football player, Henry Fry, is a box of French Fries, while the other characters are food too. It’s a lot of fun and pretty cleverly written, so take a look below.

Each episode will be released bi-montly starting January 26, 2015 on where people can sign up for the Mctucky Bites newsletter for exclusive content and sneak peek privileges. [Read more...]

Oh Boy Online Mini-Series – Episode 1 ‘Sébastien’ (Review)

Running Time:
Release Date:

Normally with gay-themed online series, we can just post the episodes and let you decide for yourself whether you like it or not. However Oh Boy, from porn model/actor/director Damien Moreau, is a little different, both because it’s being released on a pay-to-view basis and also because it’s sexual nature means it’s a bit too rude for us to post here anyway.

While quite a few straight filmmakers have tried to explore the point where art and porn meet, in the last few years it’s been on the gay side that a lot of the more interesting work has been taking place, whether it’s Travis Mathews’ In Your Room and I Want Your Love films, or the Black Spark hardcore vignettes that set the internet on fire a couple of years ago (and which many have said resulted in an increase in production values for real gay porn). [Read more...]

Gay Short Film Showcase: The Last Time I Saw Richard – Two teens connect in a mental health unit

last-time-i-saw-richardWe loved The Last Time I Saw Richard when we reviewed it as part of the short film collection, Boys On Film 11: We Are Animals, giving it 9 out of 10. Now the fab short is online for all to see and you can watch it below – it’s a film full or surprises, moving from the emotionally affecting to the very creepy, all while building a sense of tension and successfully bringing you into the world of lost teens looking for something to hold onto.

As we noted in our review, the short was designed as a prequel to a movie, and director Richard Verso has given is an update on the project, saying, ‘The feature is called Boys In The Trees.  I’ve written it and will be directing. It’s produced by John Molloy for Mushroom Pictures (Wolf Creek, Chopper) and we’ll be shooting in South Australia later this year.

‘On Halloween 1997, two years after The Last Time I Saw Richard, teen skater Corey encounters Jonah, a former childhood friend and now nemesis. He begrudgingly agrees to walk Jonah home after an accident leaves Jonah concussed. What starts off as a normal walk through empty suburban streets descends into something surreal and magical as they tell each other ghost stories, drawing upon their fears, dreams and memories.

‘Toby Wallace will be returning as Jonah.’

Before that movie is made, we can enjoy The Last Time I Saw Richard, which you can watch below.

If you know a short film we ought to be posting, tell us by getting in touch via our contact page. And check out more gay short films and web series here. [Read more...]

Gay Short Film Showcase: Think Of England – A young hustler looks for his place in the world

think-of-englandI didn’t initially realise, but the director of Think Of England, Chris Young, was also the cinematographer on our first Showcase movie, The Morning After. Think Of England has a rather more melancholic tone, looking at a young man whose life has gone to places he never expected or wanted.

It was Young’s graduation film from the University Of Hampshire, made as an homage to Warhol superstar Joe Dallesandro’s character from ‘Flesh’ (something those who know that movie won’t fail to notice when they watch the short).

Callum Turner plays a young hustler looking for himself amongst the detritus of a broken London in the mid 1980s. Take a look below.

If you know a short film we ought to be posting, tell us by getting in touch via our contact page. And check out more gay short films and web series here. [Read more...]

Gay Short Film Showcase: 33 Teeth – A teen becomes fascinated by the hot guy next door

33-teethAfter 33 Teeth, director Evan Roberts made the acclaimed short Yeah Kowalski!, but its predecessor is that film’s equal, and shares some of its themes, most particularly a young man finding his place in the world in the midst of new feelings and experiences. And also like Yeah Kowalski!, it’s nice that it’s got a good sense of humour.

Here’s the synopsis: ‘Eddie is a hormonal 14-year-old boy living alone with his mother in the suburbs. He has a heightened fascination with the comb of his attractive older neighbor, Chad.’

What that doesn’t mention is that one of the reasons for Eddie’s fascination is that he spots Chad having a bit of a measuring-the-goods moment. Take a look below.

If you know a short film we ought to be posting, tell us by getting in touch via our contact page. And check out more gay short films and web series here. [Read more...]

Gay Short Film Showcase: Body Language – An ode to guys getting carried away in the club

body-language-short-filmAdmittedly, the second entrant in our Gay Short Film Showcase is partially an advert for a porn site, but it is also a genuine short film in its own right, taking us into the heady world of gay nightclubs, the pulse of the music and the rush of hooking up.

Then it takes us back to one of the guys apartments where, err, other things happen (this was funded by a porn studio, after all, so it wasn’t going to end with anything else, was it?).

Here’s the synopsis: ‘We’ve all been there before. As you enter the club, there’s something in the air tonight. You feel open; ready for whatever. A sexy stranger catches your eye. Next, you’re grinding with him on the dance floor, your hands exploring his body for the first time.

‘You get a little carried away. Maybe you drink a little too much. Your lips lock and you don’t care who sees. You lose yourself in the pulsing music under the flashing neon lights. What began as an ordinary night out turns into a wild ride full of uninhibited fun and unforgettable sex, from what you can remember.

‘Filmed at the legendary Rich’s night club in San Diego, Helix Studios presents “Body Language”, our ode to getting lost in the moment.’

Yes, it is about the rush and the pulse, but it also (perhaps inadvertently) makes a few interesting points about the more hedonistic end of gay culture. Take a look below.

If you know a short film we ought to be posting, tell us by getting in touch via our contact page. And check out more gay short films and web series here. [Read more...]