Gay Short Film Showcase: Pink Moon – Into a world where gays are in charge & straights ostracised

pink-moonWe’ve been following Pink Moon for a while, including its February 2014 crowdfunding campaign and the release of the trailer a couple of months ago. Well now, rather than keeping the film under wraps only for those who manage to see it at film festivals or screening, the short movie has been released online for us all to see.

The film, about ‘LGBTQ and Reproductive Rights’, is set ‘In a society where heterosexuals are persecuted and abortion is forbidden, two teens are forced to hide an unplanned pregnancy before their secret romance is exposed.’

Director Sal Bardo has a great history of releasing his shorts online for the world to view, as we’ve previously featured the likes of the excellent Chaser and Sam. You can watch Pink Moon below, which may become a feature-length movie in the near future..

On his latest film, Bardo commented to Interview magazine, “There’s an all-out assault on reproductive rights in this country, and the same thing is happening with LGBT rights. Both of those issues are about personal freedom, and they’re fundamentally connected.”

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Gay Short Film Showcase: Brace – The Trans-Themed Short Gets Launched Online

brace-slideAfter touring many of the world’s major film festivals, Jake Graf’s Brace is now available to view online for free, alongside Brothers, a US series following the lives of four Trans men.

Set in some of London’s most iconic gay nightspots, Graf’s stylish and sexy short film manages to tackle head-on some of the issues faced by Trans people in today’s drink- and drug-fuelled club culture in ways that are striking without being preachy.

With scenes of frustration, isolation and emotional vulnerability interwoven among hardcore clubbing scenes that could easily have felt at home in Human Traffic or Twenty-Four Hour Party People, this is a brave, raw and ambitious short that shows Graf to be a confident and competent filmmaker. Definitely worth a watch.

Tweet your thoughts after watching the film with #TransTakeover. You can also follow Jake on Twitter: @JakeGraf1

Take a look at Brace below. [Read more…]

Gay Short Film Showcase: #Blackmendream – Exploring where race and sexuality collide

blackmendreamTechnically this one isn’t a short film, at least by Academy Awards rules, as they define a short as being less than 40 minutes, and as this one clocks in at 45 mins, it just misses out on that.

It’s worth posting here though as it’s an interesting look at the place where gender, race and sexuality meet, the issues that causes and which need to be faced.

With a relatively simple concept, nine men face away from the camera – some naked and some clothed – and talk about what it means to be a gay African-American. Filmmaker Shikeith Cathey questions and plays with different concept of what that might mean, with the subjects challenged to look deep inside themselves and ponder their identity and what it means.

It’s well worth a look (and thanks to NewNowNext for the tip).

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Trailing: Season 1 – The gay-themed web series takes a young man into politics

trailing-web-series-pic1We’re a little bit late with this one as it debuted a couple of months ago, but now that we’ve discovered Trailing we thought we’d share, as it’s funny, smartly done and manages to convey its satire in an effective but not overly pleased-with-itself way. While this isn’t a show all about being gay, it does have a gay protagonist, who has political ambitions – or at least political consulting ambitions.

In the show, ‘At a highly boutique NYC consulting firm –  a firm so boutique that its marquee client is running for Student Council President at the University of Phoenix –  one man must cater to his delusional boss’s every whim: STEVEN, a gay anti-hero for the post-Lewinsky generation.

‘Political consulting is a world where words are largely meaningless, and terrified hacks lurch from one manufactured crisis to the next. No campaign is too small, no press hit too minor. For the creative underclass, it’s a race to the bottom –  and on Election Day, a candidate is only as good as his most embarrassing typo.

‘Will this tiny firm win their client’s race for Queens Commissions Commissioner? Will Steven ever become a White House speechwriter? Will his boss start her free trial of Plated?’

As writer/creator Steven Phillips-Horst told Out, “This is a show with a gay protagonist. I hope that it’s fabulous because it’s feminist, sassy and fun, and has plenty of female characters. I hope that it’s not like Looking, or The Outs, or any other show that asks us to congratulate a gay filmmaker simply for accurately reflecting the insecurities and banalities of modern homosexuality. I think being gay is an opportunity to have a more compelling perspective on the world. I don’t want to squander that, or desexualize it. At the very least, I hope my greater friend group thinks I’m cool/thin.”

Take a look at all 7 episodes below, and find out more at Trailing’s official website. [Read more…]

Gay Short Film Showcase: Bombshell – A tomboy gets mixed up in homophobic bullying

bombshellFor Pride Month, KQED’s Film School Shorts is promoting a selection of LGBT related shorts, the first of which is now available and can be watched below.

In NYU’s Bombshell, ‘A young tomboy must decide whether to become complicit in a homophobic hate crime to please her older brother and his friends’.

KQED says, ‘Celebrate LGBT cinema with a trio of amazing short films. Sometimes, relationships can be more disruptive than storms, as showcased in the UCLA dramedy Disaster Preparedness. Also from UCLA, the underground world of Los Angeles boxing forces a man to confront his true sexual orientation in the acclaimed Kiss Me. In NYU’s Bombshell, a young girl manipulated at the hand of homophobic bullies must make a life-changing decision.’

Bombshell is available now, and we’ll post the others as they become available.

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Paper Boys Episodes 1&2 – But the gay-themed web series needs your help to make more

paper-boysThe people behind the new gay-themed web series Paper Boys have released the first two episodes and have plans for more, but they need some crowdsourcing help, so the eps. below are a bit of a taster and if you want parts 3 & 4, the makers are hoping for some of your cash on Kickstarter.

It’s certainly an interesting one, not least because few gay web series give their story’s an edge of sci-fi/fantasy, but this one does. Oh, and if you like your shows to open with cute guys stripping to their underwear, you’re in for a treat.

Co-creator Kyle Cabral tells us, “I’ll let the episodes speak mostly for themselves, but essentially Paper Boys follows a young gay artist, named Cole, as he struggles to find purpose in his career and love life by moving to San Francisco, and by using the powers of an old sketch book to control his life as well as the lives of his friends.”

Take a look at episodes 1 and 2 below, and if you want to help out with eps 3 & 4, head over to Kickstarter. [Read more…]

Gay Short Film Showcase: Ageless – Is there really such a big difference between older and younger gay men?

ageless-slideAgeless turns things around from what we’d expect. We’ve previously covered the likes of the short films Adults Only and Go Go Reject, which were directed by Michael J. Saul and starred Heath Daniels. However Ageless swaps things up, with Daniels behind the camera and Saul in front.

In the short: ‘Love, sex and relationships are seen through the eyes of two men; one in his 50s, the other in his 20s. Their common struggles prove to be ageless.’

Daniels certainly shows he’s got skills even if the short is only three-minutes long, and it’s pretty impressive the whole thing was shot on an iPhone. Take a look below.

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The Impossibilities Web Series – A party magician & a lesbian yogi negotiate life

the-impossibilities-slideSynopsis: ‘The Impossibilities is an original comedy that follows Harry, a jaded children’s party magician and Willa, a daffy, lesbian yogi. Written/Directed by Anna Kerrigan and Starring/Produced by Kati Rediger and Ashley Springer, we made this show because it just felt right. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together!’

The Impossibilities is a fun show and well worth a look, and also has a good take on the characters’ sexuality, ensuring the we’re not just sitting there waiting for Willa to renounce her lesbianism and get with Harry.

Kati Rediger recently told Huffpo, “A lot of people see this show and they’re like, ‘Oh, I bet at the end Harry and Willa are going to get together.’ But from the beginning, Anna was very adamant about wanting to give this character her sexuality. She’s a lesbian, and she’s not just waiting for the right guy to come along. It was important for us to portray this character as has having a very solid sexuality and not have that be the main drama.”

You can find all eight episodes below, and if you want to find out more, head over the show’s website. [Read more…]

Gay Short Film Showcase: Why Does God Hate Me – A young gay man finds out he’s not the one who needs curing

why-does-god-hate-me-short-filmToday we’re showcasing Why Does God Hate Me, which despite the rather angsty title is actually a bit of a comedy – although with a serious message mixed in. The Canadian short had a hugely successful run at film festivals in 2012, winning numerous awards before it debuted online.

Here’s the synopsis: ‘A coming-of-age comedy about Matthew, a 14-year-old boy living in a very religious town, whose best friend Ester tries to ‘cure’ him of being gay. But a trip to San Francisco shows Matthew that he might not be the one who needs curing.’

You can watch Joel Ashton McCarthy’s complete short film below, and it’s well worth a look.

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Unzipped Episodes 1-5 – Take a look at HIV Equal Online’s new gay-themed web series

unzipped-pic1There are quite a lot of LGBT-friendly web series out there, however relatively few of them have properly dealt with the issues around being HIV+.

Now though there’s Unzipped, directed by Tyler Curry and coming from HIV Equal Online, a documentary web series where nine guys talk about their experiences of sex, love and HIV.

The first five episodes have now been released, which look at everything from first gay experiences and what makes sex good, to dealing with issues such as broken condoms, and the things about HIV that scare the men involved.

It’s well worth a look, starting out relatively light and funny before moving onto more serious issues, while never getting too bogged down in angst and misery. You can take a look at epiodes 1-5 below, along with the first episode of Unzipped In Depth, which takes things a little deeper, with Eric talking about behing HIV+ in NYC. [Read more…]