Broke Straight Boys TV Trailer – The gay for pay porn site tries a reality TV series

broke-straight-boys-tv-pictureWe’re not quite sure what’s going on with this one, but gay for pay porn site Broke Straight Boys seems to have decided it would be a good plan to make a reality television series, offering a backstage look at these ‘straight’ boys who will do anything for cash.

Here’s the synopsis: ‘A peek at the Broke Straight Boys Reality Show is here! Prepare yourself for one of the most unique series ever made for television. Its polarizing content and its visceral effect on viewers is undeniable. Without apology, this series provides an uncensored look into the lives of people who make porn… and more specifically, straight men who do gay porn and the multi-million dollar company that provides the platform.

‘Though no explicit porn is shown in the series, the mere suggestion of what they do and the insight into their chosen profession makes Broke Straight Boys a true character study, bringing the viewer into a world they may not have known existed and will surely never forget.’

It’s an odd but potentially interesting idea, although I can’t escape the feeling it’s essentially a publicity stunt, taking on the idea that the guys on gay for pay sites aren’t really straight, and often not quite as ‘regular’ as they appear. However the show seems to want to show they’re all into manly, straight things, have suitably masculine arguments (which sound perhaps a little contrived), and there are plenty of women around to show how much they’re into lady bits – even if the guys do get very close to one another in exchange for money.

We’re still not 100% all these guys are as straight as they’re paid to say they are, but if gay for pay is your thing, this could be the series for you! There’s no news on whether the show will actually air on TV or whether it will just be online (where it would essentially just be an advert for the site).

Take a look at the pretty much safe for work trailer below. [Read more...]

People You Know Pilot Episode – Whether you’re gay or straight you can be naughty in the new web series

people-you-know-pilotWhile there are a lot of good gay web series around, the problem for all of them is cash – if you don’t make any, it’s difficult to make more episodes. If you release your series for free on the web, you’re unlikely to make a huge amount of money from the likes of Youtube (unless you get extremely popular). If you charge for episodes, will people stump up the cash to watch?

The new web series People You Know is hoping so, as while you can watch the pilot episode below for free, if you want to see the rest you’ll need to pay for it via Vimeo On Demand. To make the offering a little more enticing than many web series, each episode is 20 to 30 minutes long and sells itself as being the web equivalent of a ‘primetime drama’ – although as you’ll see if you watch the pilot, it’s a little bit naughtier than network TV. Season 1, Part 1 is available for $15.99 (or $2.99 an episode), with the makers hoping to film Season 1, Part 2 this autumn.

Here’s the synopsis: ‘People You Know tackles the story of having it all in the most iconic, demanding and cutthroat city in the world, New York City. People you Know is a provocative series where the seven deadly sins corrupt a group of thirty-something urbanites, threatening their chance for happiness and love, as they strive to achieve their dreams while surviving the drama. At every turn, these friends get pushed to the limit and run the risk of losing all they hold dear. Joining the inner circle of friends are Pandora Boxx, of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Steve Hayes from Trick and Big Gay Musical.’

“This is more than a show about people behaving badly. It’s a story about how we all want to do the right thing, but sometimes our base desires get in the way.” Co-Creator Baltimore Russell says. “Each of these characters make choices that will affect their lives in very dramatic ways.”

“Our hope is that the audience joins us on this ride and that they find a little bit of themselves in the characters.” Co-Creator John Dylan DeLaTorre says. “We created this show to explore what it’s like for a close group of friends to maintain their relationships in the face of some incredible odds, where sometimes your best friend is your worst enemy.”

You can find out more and watch others episodes at [Read more...]

Somewhere In Palm Springs – The first two episodes of the animated gay web series arrive

somewhere-in-palm-springsThere are quite a few gay-themed web series out there, but not that many are animated. A new one has arrived though – Somewhere In Palm Springs – which has launched its first two episodes.

Here’s the synopsis: ‘Life is hard when you’re young, dumb and hungry…poolside in Palm Springs, California. Somewhere In Palm Springs is the harrowing tale of 4 friends forced to wait a normal amount of time for their lunch to arrive to their lounge chairs — they share hopes, dreams, neuroses, and the sordid details of their various one night stands. They may be vapid, but, hey, at least they’re vapid.’

Drew Tarver (How I Met Your Dad) and Jimmy Fowlie (Go Go Boy Interrupted) provide voices, with Nate Clark and Allen Loeb writing each episode. Allen then designed the characters, and Nate animated them.

Take a look below, and you can follow the show at [Read more...]

My Gay Roommate – Season 3, Ep 5: All Good Things – Check out the latest instalment of the web series

my-gay-roommate-s3-ep5The extremely fun May Gay Roommate returns with the entertaining fifth instalment of the third season.

There have been plenty of changes for Nick (Noam Ash) this season, not least finding a new straight roommate and moving in with him. Then there’s been all the frankly fantastical things happening around them, including the coming out of a cowboy and Nick subsequently having to deal with the morning after.

As actor and co-creator Noam Ash told HuffPo, “With the help of King George Michael and some Macarena, Nick helps Ed cope with lady problems from the past and find some faith. Gay pop stars DO solve everything! Ed makes a big decision, and we bid farewell to one of our imaginary characters. All good things, you know?”

You can check out the earlier episodes by clicking here, then watch the new one below. [Read more...]

Coming Out Straight Comedy Short Film – How do you explain to your gay dads that you’re straight?

coming-out-straightI don’t think we ought to show us to the sort of anti-gay nutters who think same-sex parents will force their kids to be gay and take part in the gay agenda plot to destroy civilisation. However for those of us who aren’t nuts we can just take this as a funny reversal of the usual coming out story.

Here we have two gay dads who spent the last 16 years assuming their teenage son will grow up gay. However he’s got something to tell them!

Was it the Old Spice that made him straight? If he just sleeps with a boy will it help with the ‘problem’? Maybe it’s just a phase? Perhaps it’s just that he likes girlish boys?

Will the dads be able to come to terms with this shocking revelation? Take a look below. [Read more...]

Looking Back At Gay Rights In The 1990s & 2000s With Vintage News Clips

prop-8-rainbow-flagOver the last couple of weeks we’ve posted SuchIsLife’s videos compiling vintage news footage chronicling the gay rights struggle in the 1970s and 1980s, and now come ones for the 1990s and 2000s.

It’s a fascinating journey and comparing how the new looked at gay people in the 1970s (where we were pretty much presented like aliens) to the increasing acceptance growing through the 1990s and 2000s is very illuminating. It’s also interesting how by the 90s and 00s gay people were getting better at telling their own stories, whereas in the previous decades we were viewed solely through the media eyes of straight people.

However it’s not all good news, with clips dealing with things such as outing celebrities against their will as well as the emergence of the highly unsatisfactory ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy in the US military. It’s also in the 90s where the real mainstream ‘culture wars’ over gay rights emerged, with numerous laws and court cases both advancing and preventing gay rights.

While there’s still certainly division in the 2000s, the clips suggest a forward momentum has been reached in a way that’s never been seen before.

It’s well worth watching all four videos as it’s a fascinating journey full of great footage. So take a look at the vids from the 1970s and 1980s, and then watch the 90s and 2000s below. [Read more...]

Watch An incredible Hour Of Footage From The Gay Rights Fight Of The 1980s

pride-parade-1980sLast week we posted a fabulous supercut of news reports from the 1970s about gay people and the emergence of a fight for LGBT rights, which ranged from early Pride parades to the homophobia of Anita Bryant. Now SuchIsLife Videos has followed that up with another hour of fantastic vintage news footage, this time looking at at gay rights in the 1980s.

It was certainly a tumultuous decade of contradictions, as the footage shows. On the one side were ever larger and more celebratory Pride parades, as well as the first serious attempts to enact laws that protected gay couples in the same way as straight couples. However on the other side there was increasing violence against a more visible gay minority and of course the emergence of AIDS, a disease whose impact is almost impossible to underestimate.

If you haven’t watched the 70s footage, I would highly recommend it. Then come back here and watch this. One of the most interesting things is the change in how the news starts to view gay people. In the 70s it’s very much looking at LGBT as a weird ‘them’ who live parallel lives to the ‘normal’ people, but in the 80s you can see the first glimmers of gay people becoming part of ‘us’ to the mainstream media, even if that change engendered a backlash. Take a look below. [Read more...]

Papa’s Prince Gay Short Film – Take a look at the musical journey of an LGBT family

papas-princeWhile there’s a lot of political ranting about LGBT families, every so often its worth taking a step back from the theory of why gay people should be allowed to have kids and see the reality – which 99 times out of 100 involves great kids and great families.

That’s certainly true in the musical short Papa’s Prince.

Co-creator Ted Sod says, ‘Some time ago, I asked Blake McCarty if he wanted to collaborate on a short film inspired by my “granddaughter” Viv. Viv was adopted at infancy by our friends Michael and Calvin, and because there were no grandparents in her life, she – in turn – adopted me and my partner as “The Gramps”.

‘The result is a seven-minute musical short mixing live action and stop motion animation. The story focuses on a 7-year-old girl (coincidentally named Viv) who invents a fairy tale about how her Dads met as a way to entertain her new friend, Henry.’

Take a look at the charming short below. [Read more...]

Mi Amigo Jaime Gay Short Film – The difficulty of telling your crush how you feel

mi-amigo-jaime-short-filmMost gay people will know the feeling of falling for someone, but not knowing whether they feel the same way – or ever whether they prefer the same genitals as you do.

That’s the central problem faced by the main character in Mi Amigo Jaime. Dani is a teenager who’s in love with one of his friends, Jaime, but he has no idea how his mate will feel about it.

Unfortunately the initial revelation doesn’t work out that well, but will there be a happy ending?

You can take a look at Spanish filmmaker Alejandro Beltrán’s gay-themed short film below. And it doesn’t hurt that the guys in it are pretty cute too.

It’s also nice that whereas a few years ago this sort of teen short would have assumed the main character would be closeted and pained about it, Mi Amigo Jaime suggests that nowadays that’s not always the case, even if gay teen life isn’t suddenly problem free. [Read more...]

420 Gay Short Film – Things get erotic when two ‘homostoner’ guys get high

420-short-filmDoes marijuana make things life better? Having known a few people who’ve overdone it over the years, I’d say that if you not careful about moderation it causes more trouble than it’s worth. But there’s no doubt a lot of people like it, and that includes a lot of gay people.

The short film 420, by director Jacob Brown, is essentially an introduction to New York boyfriends Carlos Santolalla and John Tuite and their ‘homostoner’ lifestyle. “It’s about how weed can act as an aphrodisiac,” Santolalla explains. “A fantasy about when ‘lemme hit that’ becomes ‘lemme hit that.’”

The short also shows those who didn’t know that you can smoke pot through an apple!

It certainly seems to suggest that pot can add to the sexual experience, although the final shot hints that perhaps the reality isn’t quite as sexy as the fantasy.

You can also follow the couple at the Instagram, @jarlos420. [Read more...]