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I Am Happiness On Earth (DVD Review)

The run of gay-themed films involving dancers as major characters (such as Test and Five Dances) continues with the Mexican drama I Am Happiness On Earth. The film comes from director Julian Hernandez, who found … [More...]


Test (DVD Review)

The TV show Looking has given us an insight into being gay in San Francisco in the 2010s, and now Test takes us back to the city as it was three decades, just as AIDS was emerging. Although documentaries and films … [More...]


What’s The T? (US VoD Review)

There’s little doubt that in 2014 trans* people have gained more mainstream prominence than they ever have before, with the likes of Orange Is The New Black star Laverne Cox making it onto the cover of Time magazine … [More...]


Starred Up (DVD Review)

Eric (Jack O’Connell) is transferred from a young offenders institution to adult prison, and while he feels as if he can be a king in this new place, it soon becomes clear that he’s been thrust somewhere far more … [More...]


Masters Of Sex – Season 1 (DVD Review)

Masters Of Sex is certainly a provocative title, and one that could promise a lot but deliver little. Thankfully though that’s far from the case with this excellent series, which takes a fictionalised look at the … [More...]

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