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The Way He Looks (Cinema Review)

The Way He Looks is Daniel Ribiero's masterful treatment of his Iris Prize 2012-winning short, and in what might be a rare case, the extended version is at least as good as the original short – indeed it won the … [More...]


Eternity: The Movie (US Cinema Review)

Is Eternity: The Movie a gay film? Well, yes, except no. It manages to straddle a hitherto unknown line where it’s a celebration of bromance, but yet has no bones about being a gay love affair in all but name. … [More...]


Helicopter Mom (Iris Prize 2014 Review)

Maggie, a single mother in the US, is terrified of losing her only son Lloyd when he graduates and moves away to college, and so does her best to control his life as much as possible before he goes. Lloyd, played to … [More...]

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