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The Circle (Der Kreis) (Cinema Review)

When I started watching The Circle, I slightly wondered whether I’d got the wrong film. I’d been expecting this to be a fictionalised look at being gay in the 1950s in Europe, but the movie opens in documentary … [More...]


Out To Kill (US DVD Review)

I have to admit that for about 20-minutes I didn’t hold out any hope for Out To Kill. It starts out following Justin (singer/songwriter/actor Tom Goss), who lives in an apartment complex full of gay people and … [More...]


The Dark Place (US DVD Review)

It’s certainly been noticeable in the past year or two that an increasing amount of gay-themed thrillers have been released. Some have been good, some have been dreadful and now we have The Dark Place, which sits … [More...]


Big Gay Love (DVD Review)

What would Willow think? Xander from Buffy has gone gay (he likes to call himself Nicholas Brendon, but he’ll always be Xander to me, whether he likes it or not). Here he’s teamed with Jonathan Lisecki, who’s … [More...]

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