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It’s All So Quiet (DVD Review)

When they named this film, ‘It’s All So Quiet’, they weren’t joking. This is not a film that will be remembered for its verbosity and wall-to-wall action, but that’s exactly as it should be, as Nanouk Leopold’s … [More...]


Stand (DVD Review)

In the time since Russia enacted it’s rather draconian ‘gay propaganda’ laws, much has been written about the chilling effect it’s had on LGBT people in the country and also how it has emboldened homophobes to feel … [More...]


Seashore (US DVD Review)

Two young friends, Martin (Mateus Almada) and Tomaz (Mauricio Barcellos), head off together from the city to a coastal town in Southern Brazil. It’s the place where Martin’s grandfather recently died, and where the … [More...]


Of Girls And Horses (DVD Review)

What is it with female sexuality and horses? Of Girls And Horses is far from the first movie to thematically link the two, and indeed in lesbian-themed movies it’s almost a mini sub-genre of its own. Alex is a … [More...]

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New Poster For Stonewall Movie Debuts

Although there'd been a little grumbling about Stonewall ever since the synopsis was released, the upcoming film about the riots that helped spark the moderns gay rights movie walked into a firestorm of controversy … [Read More...]

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Win Monsters: Dark Continent On DVD!

MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT is available on DVD, Blu-ray & Steelbook on 31st August, and to celebrate that fact, we've got a copy of the thrill-packed sequel on DVD to give away! Directed by Tom Green (Misfits), … [Read More...]

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