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You’re Killing Me (Outfest Review)

You’re Killing Me sounds like a fun premise, perhaps for a short movie. Indeed, it starts off with what is essentially an entertaining short film. After game night with his friends, Andy (Matthew Wilkas) wants to … [More...]


Stuff (Outfest Review)

Deb and Trish are a married couple with two young daughters. They’ve been together for a long time, but there are major cracks in their relationship. Trish has never gotten over the death of her father five years … [More...]


Beautiful Something (Outfest Review)

One night, four men. Set in Philadelphia, Beautiful Something follows the lives of a quartet of gay guys as they search for what they truly desire and question what they have in their lives. Brian is a writer with … [More...]


Tab Hunter Confidential (Outfest Review)

Some younger people may have never heard of Tab Hunter, but if you say the name to any straight woman or gay man who was young in the 1950s, you can often see their eyes glaze as they remember the teen heartthrob … [More...]


Boulevard (US Cinema Review)

After Robin Williams’ untimely death, it looked for a while like we might not see his final movie beyond festival and other limited screenings. Despite starring the much-loved actor, distributors seemed to be shying … [More...]

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Win The Horror Movie Cub On DVD!

Sam, an imaginative but vulnerable twelve year-old, heads off to camp with his Cub Scouts troupe. Mistrusted by the pack leader Peter and isolated by the other scouts, he becomes convinced a terrible fate awaits … [Read More...]

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