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Three In A Bed (DVD Review)

Nate is a young man whose life has slightly stalled. On her deathbed his mother made him promise to look after his two sisters, something he took to heart so much that he doesn’t have much going on of his own. It … [More...]


The Skeleton Twins (DVD Review)

With SNL alumni Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader in the lead roles, you could be forgiven for thinking this would be a riotous gross-out laugh-fest, but right from the first few scenes The Skeleton Twins sets itself to … [More...]


Mommy (Cinema Review)

Just when you think you’ve had enough of well-meaning films featuring disabilities and heroic struggles along comes one that completely restores your faith. Queer filmmaker Xavier Dolan’s film is a tour de force, an … [More...]


Kissing Darkness (DVD Review)

Vampires have always been a little bit gay, but Kissing Darkness wants to take that further with a film that comes across as if Twilight had been made in the style of a gay porn movie – except without the hardcore … [More...]

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