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Global Warming (DVD Review)

Global Warming is a collection of four short films from director Reid Waterer which are loosely linked by taking us around the world – more literally than metaphorically. They are only loosely tied together as they … [More...]


The Last Straight Man (DVD Review)

I have to say when I read the synopsis for The Last Straight Man I was a little concerned. It all seemed a tad gimmicky, with the kind of ambition that few low-budget, gay-themed movies can live up to. Thankfully … [More...]


Power Erotic (Review)

As the $200 million+ gross of Fifty Shades Of Grey has proven this weekend, all women secretly want to be punched. Well, no, hopefully it doesn’t prove that at all – but it does show that a lot of people are … [More...]


Love Is Strange (Cinema Review)

Just in time for Valentine's day, a film that genuinely shows the complexities, subtleties and nuances of us complicated human beings. It happens to be about two men of advancing years, but really its central themes … [More...]


The Way He Looks (DVD Review)

I’m always wary when a really good short film get turned into a feature-length movie. It seemed a particular concern with The Way He Looks, as the original short that it’s based is so perfect and complete in its own … [More...]

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