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Yves Saint Laurent (DVD Review)

Yves Saint Laurent tells the story of one of fashion's greatest legends. Directed by Jalil Lespert (Tell No One) and starring Pierre Niney (La Comédie Francaise) in the title role, this visually sumptuous film … [More...]

Frankie Valenti (Johnny Hazzard) in TIGER ORANGE

Tiger Orange (Outfest Review)

The gay-themed drama Tiger Orange premiered a couple of days ago at LA’s Outfest, and luckily we got a preview of the gay-themed movie. Normally when you hear that a gay-themed film has a porn star as one of its … [More...]


I Am Divine (Cinema Review)

“Divine was the burlesque of John” After premièring in the US at South by Southwest in 2013, I Am Divine finally hits the UK shores. It tells the story of how drag artiste Divine, aka Harris Glen Milstead, became … [More...]


Eroddity(s) (DVD Review)

Back in the dim and distant past there was an entire subgenre of straight-to-video movies (yes, video, I told you this was a long time ago) that had a plot but were filled with softcore sex. The main reason they … [More...]


Hawaii (DVD Review)

Marco Berger has made a bit of a name for himself in the indie queer cinema world with the likes of Plan B and the Berlin Golden Teddy Award winning Absent. He also directed half of the shorts that made up the … [More...]

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